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Saturday, June 28    

It's not fair
My favorite NY Liberty player, Becky Hammon, suffered a season-ending injury yesterday in a game against the Shock. Hammon has had an incredible season so far, and I was eagerly anticipating seeing her play -- I got tickets to watch the Liberty take on Connecticut next week, and I think we all know how I feel about Connecticut. A torn ACL is serious business, but they expect to see her back in fighting form for the 2004 season ... but that is so far away. I want to see her play now. (This concludes Jen's foot-stamping and pouting. For now.)

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Friday, June 27    

There was joy in the land
Because I have seen the light and it is this: The next installment in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. It's been forever since book IV, and I really hate not knowing what happens next.

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Thursday, June 26    

Kill joy
I was all set to make with the happy blog this evening, as I discovered while driving home tonight that I could steer with my left knee. (Don't tell my roommate, though -- she already worries about my driving.) It's important to have the Dixie Chicks on back-up vocals when steering with your knee, fyi.

However, this joy was soon mitigated by lo-fi Blogger smacking me in the face once I cranked up my sweet baby iBook with Safari 1.0 at home. I'm not sure I've properly expressed how much I completely loathe, despise, hate, and basically want to beat with a stick the "lo-fi" version of new Blogger (see rant below). It's ugly, it's stupid, and I really wish the geniuses over at Blogger had figured out how to make shit render properly in Macs before they switched us all over.

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Some seriously freaky shit
Okay, so I checked out Wil's audioblog, and, like the title says, it was some seriously freaky shit listening to Wil Wheaton on my headphones at work.

I think I just had an out-of-body experience. Somebody call an ambulance.

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Blog in the place where you live
Okay, so my blog has been transitioned over to new Blogger, which is why I didn't post last night (and explains the sideblog "f-ing new blogger" comment). I'm prepared to get truly cranky because I don't like the "lo-fi" version of new Blogger, which is what I've been stuck with on my Mac. So, I'm in Netscape this morning because I want to check out how my blog is rendering in Netscape vs. IE. While still in Netscape, I swing past Blogger to see if I can now get to my blog -- and I can! And I'm not in the lo-fi version! V. exciting. So I scoot back over to IE to see if I get the same dealio over there ... but no. I'm back in the lo-fi. Ah-ha! F-ing IE, not f-ing Blogger! I always liked Netscape better (and as soon as I get OSX on ye olde work computer, I'm going Safari all the way), but I switched because Blogger didn't work with Netscape when I first started using it. Now I have to get used to using Netscape again ... because where I blog is where I live.

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Wednesday, June 25    

Off my game
Inspired by the Redhead and ruminating with Leigh and Jen, I've been pondering what it is that I look for in a person. Is it better for someone to make you nervous or to make you feel at ease, comfortable? There are people who can still make me nervous even though I've known them for years. Being nervous around someone doesn't always translate into something bad -- I mean the kind of nerves that make you more aware of everything, the kind of feeling that makes you try to be your best self, makes all your edges sharper. The kind of nerves that throw you off your game -- but in a good way.

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Tuesday, June 24    

A little action on the side ...
I'm testing out Sideblog. (I've tucked it away under my archives on the right.) I'm currently using it to try to keep track of the books and movies (maybe CDs?) I partake of this summer. Kind of like a "my summer reading" but with links!

Update: I've moved the sideblog up and I may use it both as a way to note things I've seen/read/listened to this summer and as a place to dump links that I don't really have commentary on. We'll see how it develops. I don't like my blogroll that far down the page -- anyone have preferences either way? The comments are now open for free-wheelin' design critique.

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Phantom menace
I woke up this morning and discovered two thin cuts on the ring finger of my right hand. They look like paper cuts. I didn't have these cuts when I went to bed last night. Now, either I was sleep-filing or something fishy is going on here. I will be investigating this, you can be sure.

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Monday, June 23    

I hate the world ...
Because the world hates me. Okay, first Blogger won't publish my f-ing archives and now HaloScan is having server troubles. What the hell is the world coming to when I can't blog in peace?!?

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Can you hear me now?
I had a dream last night in which someone bought me a cell phone as a gift. All I could think was, "Damn. Now I have to use this thing."

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Sunday, June 22    

Mood music
All this rain seems entirely appropriate for a Sunday afternoon spent paying bills. (Yes, another post about all the f-ing rain in Boston.)

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The web is created by those who cannot sleep. If it weren't for insomniacs, where would we be?

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