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Monday, June 30    

Only to be there ...
Now, only my fellow alumnae will get the title reference, but I thought I should alert the world to the upcoming release of Mona Lisa Smile, the Julia Roberts does Dead Poets Society set at Wellesley in 1953. Check out the trailer: Julia Roberts is the only one who doesn't seem to be in 1953. But, for those of you long ago and far away, some of those exterior shots are actually Wellesley, my beloved alma mater. That's Galen Stone Tower! That's Hooprolling! Despite what is sure to be some serious sacrilege, I am there on opening day.

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Sunday, June 29    

Full throttle
Jen and I went to see Charlie's Angels 2 tonight, and our collective reaction was a) we want to learn how to kick people in face (AND off a building) and b) I want to blow shit up. Summer is all about expanding your horizons, people.

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Saturday, June 28    

A two-and-a-half year plan
Not that I freak out as each birthday passes, but I have been thinking a lot about what I'm doing, where I'm going, and other crazy-ass shit that we're supposed to think about as grown-ups. Since the Redhead pointed to Dave's blog, who is counting down to 30, I've started making a list of things I want to do before I hit the big 3-0. (I've got 2 1/2 years, but these things require planning.) Mainly, I want this list to remind me to stop making excuses and living day by day.

So, under the guise that y'all will hold me to this, here's the list I've come up with so far:

1. Leave the country.
2. Pick someone up in a bar.
3. Drive across the country.
4. Ride a motorcycle.
5. Shoot a gun.

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It's not fair
My favorite NY Liberty player, Becky Hammon, suffered a season-ending injury yesterday in a game against the Shock. Hammon has had an incredible season so far, and I was eagerly anticipating seeing her play -- I got tickets to watch the Liberty take on Connecticut next week, and I think we all know how I feel about Connecticut. A torn ACL is serious business, but they expect to see her back in fighting form for the 2004 season ... but that is so far away. I want to see her play now. (This concludes Jen's foot-stamping and pouting. For now.)

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Friday, June 27    

There was joy in the land
Because I have seen the light and it is this: The next installment in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. It's been forever since book IV, and I really hate not knowing what happens next.

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Thursday, June 26    

Kill joy
I was all set to make with the happy blog this evening, as I discovered while driving home tonight that I could steer with my left knee. (Don't tell my roommate, though -- she already worries about my driving.) It's important to have the Dixie Chicks on back-up vocals when steering with your knee, fyi.

However, this joy was soon mitigated by lo-fi Blogger smacking me in the face once I cranked up my sweet baby iBook with Safari 1.0 at home. I'm not sure I've properly expressed how much I completely loathe, despise, hate, and basically want to beat with a stick the "lo-fi" version of new Blogger (see rant below). It's ugly, it's stupid, and I really wish the geniuses over at Blogger had figured out how to make shit render properly in Macs before they switched us all over.

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Some seriously freaky shit
Okay, so I checked out Wil's audioblog, and, like the title says, it was some seriously freaky shit listening to Wil Wheaton on my headphones at work.

I think I just had an out-of-body experience. Somebody call an ambulance.

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Blog in the place where you live
Okay, so my blog has been transitioned over to new Blogger, which is why I didn't post last night (and explains the sideblog "f-ing new blogger" comment). I'm prepared to get truly cranky because I don't like the "lo-fi" version of new Blogger, which is what I've been stuck with on my Mac. So, I'm in Netscape this morning because I want to check out how my blog is rendering in Netscape vs. IE. While still in Netscape, I swing past Blogger to see if I can now get to my blog -- and I can! And I'm not in the lo-fi version! V. exciting. So I scoot back over to IE to see if I get the same dealio over there ... but no. I'm back in the lo-fi. Ah-ha! F-ing IE, not f-ing Blogger! I always liked Netscape better (and as soon as I get OSX on ye olde work computer, I'm going Safari all the way), but I switched because Blogger didn't work with Netscape when I first started using it. Now I have to get used to using Netscape again ... because where I blog is where I live.

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Wednesday, June 25    

Off my game
Inspired by the Redhead and ruminating with Leigh and Jen, I've been pondering what it is that I look for in a person. Is it better for someone to make you nervous or to make you feel at ease, comfortable? There are people who can still make me nervous even though I've known them for years. Being nervous around someone doesn't always translate into something bad -- I mean the kind of nerves that make you more aware of everything, the kind of feeling that makes you try to be your best self, makes all your edges sharper. The kind of nerves that throw you off your game -- but in a good way.

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Tuesday, June 24    

A little action on the side ...
I'm testing out Sideblog. (I've tucked it away under my archives on the right.) I'm currently using it to try to keep track of the books and movies (maybe CDs?) I partake of this summer. Kind of like a "my summer reading" but with links!

Update: I've moved the sideblog up and I may use it both as a way to note things I've seen/read/listened to this summer and as a place to dump links that I don't really have commentary on. We'll see how it develops. I don't like my blogroll that far down the page -- anyone have preferences either way? The comments are now open for free-wheelin' design critique.

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Phantom menace
I woke up this morning and discovered two thin cuts on the ring finger of my right hand. They look like paper cuts. I didn't have these cuts when I went to bed last night. Now, either I was sleep-filing or something fishy is going on here. I will be investigating this, you can be sure.

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Monday, June 23    

I hate the world ...
Because the world hates me. Okay, first Blogger won't publish my f-ing archives and now HaloScan is having server troubles. What the hell is the world coming to when I can't blog in peace?!?

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Can you hear me now?
I had a dream last night in which someone bought me a cell phone as a gift. All I could think was, "Damn. Now I have to use this thing."

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Sunday, June 22    

Mood music
All this rain seems entirely appropriate for a Sunday afternoon spent paying bills. (Yes, another post about all the f-ing rain in Boston.)

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Saturday, June 21    

The web is created by those who cannot sleep. If it weren't for insomniacs, where would we be?

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Reality check
I don't like reality TV. Unless it's TLC. Today I got sucked into my usual While You Were Out/Trading Spaces zone, and then it happened: For Better or for Worse totally dragged me under. I was wincing at the dresses, crying at the vows ... I was a total girl. It was highly disturbing. Luckily, my partner in crime, Jen, was around ("What did people do on Saturday nights before TLC?" she asks), and we could ground ourselves -- by discussing what dresses we would get for each other. I pretty much nailed Jen in a simple column dress, but I was uncertain as to the headgear. She had a slightly more difficult task: Neither she nor I can remember the last time I wore a dress. Even I don't know what kind of dress I would wear. Luckily, there is no imminent danger of vows anytime soon.

And on a separate note: If you end up on While You Were Out, remember this: You are amazed that your wife/husband/child/friend/relative would do this for you and you love them -- whether or not you love the room.

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In the neighborhood
On my way to buy laundry detergent, I decided to take the long way there, and I just wandered down random streets I'd never walked before -- Holbrook, Dane, Eliot. I love looking at the houses in JP. They are huge and old and strange and beautiful. The walk reminded me of wandering through Pacific Heights in San Francisco, where I barely managed not to trip over the sidewalk as I gawked at the houses. It seems so easy to forget why I live here -- it's expensive, far from work, and frequently noisy -- but walking down to Centre St. today reminded me of all the things I love about Jamaica Plain. I can't imagine giving up the noise and the bustle and the great restaurants and the random shops (finally got a chance to peek into Cobwebs today). It's home.

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Friday, June 20    

Simply good
I'll admit to being a light-hearted blogger and preferring blogs in that vein -- I read blogs to take a break from my life. Despite my shallow ways, I was simply amazed by this blog. Her thoughts on life as her mother's comes to an end will stop you. (I'm having dinner with my mom tonight; if you're not, give her a call.)

Finding good writing on the web is somewhat rare (and frequently somewhat pretentious), so I'd like to take this moment to also link to y'all can't all be wrong, who seems to actually think before posting. Unlike me.

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Guilty pleasures
Okay, so I secretly wanted to see A Guy Thing in the theaters. I refrained because a) I'm poor; b) I'm busy; and c) I blinked and it was gone. I like Jason Lee; he's just the goofy, smart-ass kind of boy that kills me everytime. I should have just watched Mallrats again and saved myself the time. As the movie progressed, I felt like I was watching Forces of Nature, but without the appeal of either Sandy Bullock or Ben Affleck. The ending of A Guy Thing was how Forces of Nature should have ended, but it still wasn't satisfying.

I will note this, however: The extra features on the DVD were extensive. They were exhaustive. If only they had accompanied a movie that was worth the effort.

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Thursday, June 19    

Let that be your last battlefield
Ms. tackles the women in the military issue with an article by Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy (retired): Yer Mama Wears Combat Boots and We're Proud.

Kennedy writes, "Jobs open to women expanded dramatically after the Gulf War of 1991, and now women are essential in the all-voluntary military machine-- it could not function without them. They are barred only from units whose 'primary assignment' is ground combat." She does not argue that women should be let into the frontlines, rather that they are already present in the elusive "fronts" of modern warfare. It's an interesting look at where women in the military are now, and where they need to go before they will be truly integrated.

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Wednesday, June 18    

Going solo
Maybe I'm antisocial, but I like to do a lot of things alone. I like to go to the movies alone: No fighting over which flick to see when, no post-movie bitching if someone didn't like it, no one to eat your popcorn or drink your tasty beverage after they said they didn't want anything. I also like to eat out alone (this one seems to be the hardest for most people I know). Eating out alone is just ... indulgence. I love it. I order appetizers, drinks, an entree, dessert, the works. It's just me and my food and a book.

All that said, I really want to go to the July 6 Sun/Liberty game. After running down my short list of people who like basketball and like me, I hadn't really hit upon anyone who would be a sure thing. So I asked myself, "Why not go alone?" But I can't quite get my mind around the concept. I mean, sure, anyone who's seen me at a sporting function knows that I'm really not good company, what with the shouting, wild gesticulation, laser-beam-like focus, and all -- but I've never been to a game by myself. I'd also have to drive to Uncasville, Conn., alone. Maybe I'm more of a social creature than I thought.

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Shooting hoops
L.A. ended its winning streak last night, when the Detroit Shock nailed them in overtime, 87-78. I wish this game had been televised instead of the lackluster Sting/Fever match-up. The first half was a poor showing all around. Charlotte came back stronger in the second half but never seemed to find their rhythm.

In other WNBA/TV news, I really hate the "Herbal Essences Half-time Report." It's so degrading. I keep telling myself that it's these sponsors that are keeping the league alive, but basketball commentary brought to you by good-smelling shampoo just rubs me the wrong way.

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Tuesday, June 17    

I just added comments by Haloscan. It was disturbingly easy. We'll see how this goes. Now my millions of readers can respond to my face! Hah! Wait. This may not be such a good idea.

Update: Definitely not a good idea. This is way too much pressure to post something comment-worthy. Also, it makes it possible for people to note embarrassing things, like Guy noting that I misuse "everyday" in my blog descriptor. Oh, the shame. The shame, people. Luckily, this is the web and I've already fixed it. But I like to be honest with you. No point in hiding my flaws now.

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The poem you make of me
Rob's amazing poem generator made my site into a short, but prophetic poem:

being jennifer garrett for V back memories
of my sordid past
behind me.

Saw it over at snazzykat.

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With summer nearly here (look, I live in Boston. Summer gets here in July and leaves in August), the time has come to make lists. Many, many lists.

1. Movies I really should have watched by now: Luckily, Netflix has an excellent queue option. I've got 183 DVDs lined up and waiting.

2. Things I really should have done by now: File everything that is currently sitting on top of my file cabinet. Clean my room. Put a second coat of stain on that bookshelf I need to put together. Write a novel. Become a better person. Etc.

3. Books I really should have read by now: I blew through the first of my summer reading, Hard Eight, last night. An excellent way to start. Also on the docket: Slaughterhouse Five, finishing War and Peace, Hearts in Atlantis, Family History, Madame Bovary, and In These Girls, Hope Is a Muscle.

If you have any further ideas for things I need to do, e-mail me. Please direct all illicit suggestions to my other address.

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Monday, June 16    

When I was a geek
Whatever your definition of geek may be, I don't think I am one. A dork, sure. Raving lunatic? Without question. But I definitely don't know what RSS stands for, nor do I really care to find out.

However, due to my shady past at New Riders and the former Macmillan Technical Publishing, I know a few more acronyms than I'm comfortable with. I have been known to mutter "DHCP" under my breath. Which is why, when I saw that servergeek liked my Dew button, I was both flattered and taken back to the days when I worked on books like this one. I used to hang with the tech boys. I had my posse of reviewers. I used to pretend I understood what was going on. I think I actually know more about computers and technology now than I did then, but my tech-vocab is gone. As are most of my friends from those days -- I know at least one of my reviewers went on to write a book (Nice job, Mark), but other than that, I have left my sordid past behind me. I haven't scoped out the happenings in the computer section of the bookstore in years (unless you count looking for Stone's book at B&N this afternoon).

My favorite part of publishing was getting into an author's acknowledgements. Sure, it was usually something like "Thanks to Jen Garrett for annoying the hell out of me to make sure I got the book done on schedule," but it was something. In the end, I traded acknowledgements for a byline. All in all, probably the right decision.

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Homicidal tendancies
I went to see Hollywood Homicide yesterday; I usually like the work of Ron Shelton, and I have a fondness for Harrison Ford (okay, and Josh Hartnett is extensively easy on the eyes). Sadly, the movie meandered and was filled with unnecessary subplots, most of which never came to anything nor made any sense. I remember one scene that was actually funny, but you have to wait until late in the film to catch it. At one point in the movie, I was actually thinking that all the cliches and poor writing were going to be part of some elaborate Adaptation-esque twist, but no. It ended the way I knew it would end, and really, there wasn't enough Hartnett hotness to make up for all the muddle in between.

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Sunday, June 15    

Just another tequila sunrise
I purchased a baby grill, a bottle of Cuervo, and some snacks and killed a Saturday with a good friend, drinking and laughing on my back porch. There are only a few people in this world who will make me forget both a WNBA game and a new episode of Trading Spaces with Vern, but it was more than worth it.

Best Saturday ever.

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Friday, June 13    

I couldn't help myself

[take the test] - [by]

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What falls away is always. And is near.
Words linger at the edge of my mind as poetry and I hear their echo in other people's lives.

I've read far too many poems to not hear pieces of them when I read something good. And this is what I heard:
When I think of a landscape I am thinking of a time.
When I talk of taking a trip I mean forever.

All the rain here in Boston makes the perfect backdrop for all this melancholy reading. Back to our regularly scheduled smart-ass tomorrow.

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Brand loyalty
I want one. Or two. Or one for everyday of the week and two for Saturdays when I do lots of stuff and get sweaty.

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Thursday, June 12    

They're back
Dude, I was cheap for V back in the day. NBC is bringing a second generation of V back to television. Sign me up.

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The luck of the Irish
I saw the country quiz over at Susie's site, and it turns out, I'm Ireland: "Mystical and rain-soaked, you remain mysterious to many people, and this makes you intriguing. You also like a good night at the pub, though many are just as worried that you will blow up the pub as drink your beverage of choice. You're good with words, remarkably lucky, and know and enjoy at least fifteen ways of eating a potato. You really don't like snakes."

These results are disturbingly accurate. Hmm. I'm pretty sure I've got a good streak of German, some Russian apparently, and a whole lot of other crap. Irish has got to be in there somewhere. (I like to sum up my ancestry like so: I'm from Ohio.)

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So, I was over at and he was all, "Whatever."

Stone claims that I had a three-margarita lunch. He may have had three, but I lost count.

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Wednesday, June 11    

Ontario court OK's same-sex marriage: "The city of Toronto issued North America's first full marriage licenses to homosexual couples yesterday, after an Ontario court knocked down Canada's legal definition of marriage, the union of a man and a woman, as a violation of the country's Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

Yet another reason to move to Canada, especially since our government is doing this: Justice Dept. Bans Event by Gay Staff. "The Justice Department has barred a group of employees from holding their annual gay pride event at the department's headquarters, the first time such an event has been blocked by any federal agency, gay rights leaders said today.

Justice Department officials told the group, called DOJ Pride, that it could not hold its annual event at the department because the White House had not formally recognized Gay Pride Month with a presidential proclamation, Marina Colby, a department policy analyst who is president of the group, said. The group represents several hundred gay and lesbian employees at the department."

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Happy Father's Day
As I'm grabbing food out of the fridge on my way out the door this morning, Jen calls out from the living room, "This sounds like a Jen commercial ... This commercial for Father's Day gifts at Home Depot is perfect for you." I stick my head into the living room. "I've come to the realization that I'm not a mom. I think I'm a dad. Ohmygod, I'm a dad."

It's okay. I wore a pretty bracelet today to compensate.

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Tuesday, June 10    

Basketball diaries
I stumbled across the Women's Hoops Blog, which includes posts about a few other women's sports as well. Ted posted a well-written response to the ridiculous Stacey Pressman piece.

My favorite part: "If your favorite things in basketball are the super-human individual athletic feats -- the sick dunks, the oops, the air time -- you might, like Stacey, prefer the NBA. But at least try to appreciate that not all great plays are above the rim, and that there are some individual plays in the women's game that defy words. "

That said, I'm on for the Indiana @ Seattle game tonight. Eastern time means I gotta stay up late to watch. The price you pay being a sports fan.

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Younger than that now
Last night I helped Susie move into summer housing on campus. There was a lot of hauling of heavy boxes and random stuff in and out of dorms (Susie brought me Dew this morning as a thank-you. She is a goddess). Doing that right after spending a weekend with my college friends brought back memories of my four years at Wellesley. It was vivid to the point of pain -- I loved college and I can comfortably say I enjoyed some of the best times of my life there (some of the worst too, but we're always overly dramatic between 18-22). I almost wanted to go back, but I was so much older then.

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Monday, June 9    

It's done
Reunion is finally over, and I'm too tired to think, so I'm going to just focus on moving boxes of various reunion paraphernalia around. I'm in the zone. I'm like a mom with her kid trapped under the car -- I can pick up anything. Just don't ask me to form a coherent thought, and everything will be fine.

We are all so exhausted, it's pathetic. My voice is giving out due to directing parade traffic solely on the strength of my ability to bellow. Driving home last night, I was so tired that the muscles in my legs were quivering -- I actually had to focus on keeping my foot on the gas pedal in a steady fashion.

In sum, I'm beat.

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Saturday, June 7    

Back in the day
I had an intense night with all my old Wellesley cronies, including my long-lost Newsie friends. I'd almost forgotten the many long nights holed up in Billings, working on articles, editing, and fixing some really beat lay-outs designed by yours truly. Nobody rocks the house like the Newsies. It's five years later, and we are all the same, but different.

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Don't rain on my parade
It's raining. Again. This has put me in a considerably less happy mood than yesterday. Either that or I've hit the legendary "wall."

And if it rains on my alumnae parade tomorrow, I'm going to cry.

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Friday, June 6    

I've worked reunion at Wellesley for eight years, and tonight was the first time I got to see the fireworks.

Damn, that was pretty.

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Who you callin' a hamster?
When I stumbled into the hallway this morning, my roommate said, "Aww, you've got hamster face." Perhaps it's because I was so tired, but I did not understand why she would call me a rodent at 7 a.m. "You know, you've got your tired hamster-face." Right.

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Thursday, June 5    

Pure blogging enthusiasm
As you can probably tell by the increasing frequency of my posting, I've become addicted to blogging. Today, I shared my enthusiasm at a meeting about the medium. I could have talked about the topic for hours, but there was much work to be done to be ready for the 3,000 reunion attendees that will descend upon us tomorrow. (What's sick about this post in particular is I'm blogging standing up at an express computer terminal whilst I have a few minutes. Yes. I'm still at work. And instead of napping, eating, or just lying on the floor in a stupor, I wanted to blog.)

And this is what I wanted to blog: In the meeting today, I was the only woman. I think this is the first time that has occurred to me since I started at Wellesley in 1994. Even when I didn't work at the college, I worked in a small office with two other women. It didn't strike me until I was walking out of the meeting that I was the only estrogen representative there. I don't work in tech so this was the first time it really struck me that women are not wholly represented in this field. It particularly resonated because I've noticed that a lot of the "top" blogs are published by men. Are women less likely to blog? Or are they more likely to publish a journal-type blog, a genre which isn't as well-respected in the blogosphere?

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Page 2, take 2
Graham Hays weighs in on the Pressman piece: "She says sports are about creating an entertaining product. Really? Since when did we start asking the cart to pull the horse? Sports aren't about creating entertainment. That's professional wrestling. Real sports are entertainment. Competition, skill, strategy, effort, hustle. Any of this sound familiar? We keep score for a reason."

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Swish. Swish. Splash.
I taped the Phoenix-Houston game on Tuesday, and I finally watched it last night. The highlight of the game for me: The new WNBA commercial. A man stands there, describing a basketball game he played. He was on. Nothing but net; swish, swish, splash. Then he says, "I felt just like Nikki McCray. That's right, I said Nikki McCray. Basketball is basketball. A player's a player." You heard it here first.

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I'm your number one fan
I just discovered that there is a Trading Spaces book: Trading Spaces Behind the Scenes: Including Decorating Tips and Tricks.

Must. Have. Book. About. Vern.

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Sweet nostalgia
In honor of this weekend's event, I bring you the first in a series of reunion blogs. (Actually, I am a little concerned that I won't be able to blog this weekend. I'm also a little concerned that I'm actually concerned about not being able to blog -- I may simply have to live my life! The horror!)

Jen and I discovered last night that some things have not changed in the nine years that we've known each other. Jen was the first person I met at Wellesley, as she lived in the room across the hall from mine. During that first year, we spent much time in the hallway, writing papers, studying, enacting The Lady of Shallot, and talking. Last night at 11:30, Jen and I were in the hallway of our apartment, talking about work, reunion, and how Sam has a cow face. We've had some of our best conversations in a hallway of some kind. Why we can't talk on the couch or in chairs, I don't know. Perhaps we just think better on our feet.

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Wednesday, June 4    

Adventures in shopping
This weekend, amidst other horrors, is my five-year college reunion. Luckily, I am employed by the alumnae association at my fair alma mater, so I get to work most of it, thereby avoiding great masses of people I had previously hoped to never see again. As is the great tradition along the lovely shores of Lake Waban, the reuning alumnae parade by class on Sunday morning -- which, despite how it sounds, is actually kind of fun. Especially when you watch women from the classes of 1923 and 1928 going past you. The decidly un-fun aspect of the parade is this: We wear all white. And, as any woman will tell you, white is the most dreaded shade in the spectrum.

I hauled ass last night to the mall (nothing like waiting until the last minute to make you desperate enough to actually buy the hideous outfit), and plowed through seemingly endless miles of white pants and capris. It was all that I feared and worse. A little tip for those planning similar endeavors: Don't wear black panties.

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Tuesday, June 3    

Why my roommate rocks
Whilst I was unable to formulate a response to Ms. Pressman's views due to my usual blind rage, my roommate Jen corresponded with her thusly:

I read your article about the WBNA, and I wanted to tell you personally why I think it's stupid. Although I believe that women should feel no obligation to force themselves to enjoy womens sports (or anything else) just because we're women, I also don't believe that it's appropriate to label women's basketball "inferior" just because you, Stacey Pressman, aren't interested in it. Who cares if you're interested in it or not? I had never read any of your articles before, and, I have to say, I'm not terribly interested in reading any more of your narcissistic, self-important proclamations about what is important and valuable according to you.
Um, yeah. What she said. Also, what she said.

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To each her own
In an amazing feat of logic, columnist Stacey Pressman concludes that "women's basketball is an inferior game." According to Pressman, the game is boring and, because of women's physical limitations, not as athletic as men's games. I think we all know what I think of Ms. Pressman's views, but feel free to e-mail her and tell her what you think.

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Yes, stained and not Staind (but speaking of the band, any thoughts on their latest CD?). In this instance, it is the infamous pile of wood that has been stained. Okay, only one coat so far, but we're talking progress here, people. In order to counterbalance the effects of sanding, staining, and general fun with tools, I am wearing lip stain today in the lovely shade of Raspberry Smash. Which makes me think of the Tori Amos song, but that doesn't get me anywhere, because, like most of Tori's songs, it doesn't make any sense. Perhaps why I like her music.

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Monday, June 2    

Just to be clear
Despite some readers' fears to the contrary, all the items on my wishlist are indeed items that I wish someone would buy me.

I assure you, when I buy myself something, I rush to Amazon and remove it post-haste from my list.

Now go buy me something. (Jen, this means you.)

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Pickle Packers International
It sounds like a made-up organization, doesn't it? But it's not. Thank god for pickle quality-control. I am very concerned with how much dill is actually in my pickle.

Pickle is a weird word, now that you mention it.

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Blogged down
If Sideblog actually works, I'll have another blog to post to. Is the world really ready for more Jen Garrett?

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Sunday, June 1    

Stop! Thief!
As today is the universal day for doing laundry, I went downstairs to throw in a load. When I reached for the detergent, all I found was an empty space. There are two things that enrage me about the theft of my laundry detergent.

1. I live in a building with three condos. We are all adults. There is no need for petty detergent thievery.

2. It was Gain! I love Gain. It's my favorite kind of detergent and the only one I'll buy since I've started earning enough money to buy detergent and not mooch off my mom. Seriously, people, I love the way this stuff makes my clothes smell. It makes me happy to do laundry. Who would take that joy away from me? Who?

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