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Saturday, April 26    

Blogging in bed
The really cool thing about laptops is that you can actually use them on your lap. Hence, I am here, under the covers, blogging and listening to the rain. My bedroom window looks out over my back porch (love the Boston triple-deckers) and the roof of my neighbors' garage. It's oddly soothing to watch the rain and listen to the muffled sounds of Boston life from my perch here.

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Giving in to the geek
After a few complaints about my photo pages not working, I finally fixed the friends page. It's still pretty lame, but at least the links work now. And if they don't, please let me know so I can shoot myself in the head. The other photo pages are still under construction -- what, working on my web site until 2 am isn't enough for you?

Disclaimer: I have friends whose pictures do not appear on this page. This is because I don't have a good one of them or an appropriately humiliating one of them or just because I haven't gotten around to scanning it in yet. I still love them and they're still my friends. Pam, this means you.

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Friday, April 25    

The Ante is Upped
Apparently, quinoa was just the beginning. Steve challenges me with "maquechoux, boudin, chaudin, tasso, and andouille."

These names look suspiciously French to me. Now, as everyone knows, I was a Spanish major in college. This means two things: 1) I cannot pronounce a damn thing in French; and 2) I cannot pronounce a damn thing in Spanish.

First person to clue me in as to the mysterious food stuffs above without consulting a French-English dictionary or asking someone they know in Louisiana wins the prize.

Steve adds, "I see that no less than 3 of my LSU Lady Tigers were drafted. Excellent!" I should acknowledge here, in public, that LSU had a great team this year, as did LA Tech. The match-up between them in the NCAA tournament was intense. And while we're on the draft, I was surprised to see how long it took a team to snap up Villanova's Trish Juhline (32). She'll be joining the Washington Mystics.

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Biz Blogging
Stone has some smart stuff to say in the Business 2.0 article, Management by Blog? Author Jimmy Guterman concludes, "Companies should always explore new ways of getting messages out and new tactics for fostering idea-exchange among the staff, but right now the blogging action is almost exclusively for external readers."

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Number 1 Draft Pick
Goes to LaToya Thomas of Mississippi State. She was followed by Chantelle Anderson (Vandy), Cheryl Ford (Louisiana Tech), Plenette Pierson (Texas Tech), and from Tennessee Kara Lawson and Gwen Jackson in the first round of the WNBA draft. I was a little surprised that Gwen Jackson was picked sixth, but she has had an uneven career at Tennessee. I can't wait to see these women play pro. Detroit has picked up some good players, which could make the team (at last) a real contender.

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It's getting a little drafty
The WNBA is holding their draft today at 1; I stupidly came into work instead of staying home to watch it. They held a dispersal draft last night, to divy up the players from the now-defunct Miami Sol and Portland Fire.

Connecticut chose Debbie Black, who has long had an intense rivalry with my girl, the NY Liberty's Teresa Weatherspoon. Now, as you'll all remember, I don't like UConn, so the Connecticut Sun expansion team was going to have to work to win my affections away from the Liberty.

This was not the way to do it.

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Thursday, April 24    

Say my name, bitch
I love my unique name as much as the next Jen, but this may go too far: The Jen Journals Web Ring. It also includes people who misspell their name as "Jenn," but I think that's being a bit too lenient. I wonder if Jennifer Eccleston is in the ring?

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Steve chimes in with this helpful advice on the quinoa controversy: "It's 'keen-wa.' At least that's how they pronounce it on the food channel."

I see someone (other than my roommate Jen) watches a little too much Food Network.

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Ow, ow, ow
Yesterday, my poor niece broke her ankle in two places while she was skating -- or, apparently, attempting to stop skating. She's the first person in my family to break something (we're not really athletic people). She also lives in Ohio, and I, obviously, do not, so I am at a loss for what to do. Cards and gifts in the mail are always fun, but it's not the same as having your aunt come by to entertain you while you hobble around on crutches.

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Wednesday, April 23    

Sure you can eat it, but can you pronounce it?
Quinoa. Quinoa. Quinoa.

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WNBA lives to play another day
WNBA's continued existence is something to cheer about: "The WNBA lives on. Thank goodness. Don't slide this story to the back of your mind. This is a story that you should care about.

You should care if you have a daughter.

You should care if you have a son.

You should care if you believe in equal life chances.

You should care if you believe in role models and heroes.

You should care if you believe in the positives of sport.

You should care if you understand the ramifications upon women's sports if the labor agreement wasn't achieved."

Anyone who has read my blog knows this: I love women's sports, and women's basketball in particular. You can't imagine what a relief it is to know that the WNBA isn't folding. I know it's "just sports," but, for me, women's sports take on special meaning; when they play, the athletes show me a little bit of who I want to be. And maybe they do that for the next generation as well: "The young girl who enters KeyArena on a summer evening to watch women play professional sports leaves the arena with an expanded view of the world. She has seen women in the spotlight. She has seen women with insane competitiveness, and she has seen strength. Most importantly, it was those qualities that were applauded with gusto."

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Watching Rabbit-Proof Fence last night reminded me of how much I used to love history -- and how important it is to learn about both the great and horrible things that we have done. I'd never heard of Australia's "Stolen Generations" before; apparently, there was a long-standing practice in Australia of taking "half-caste" (half Aboriginal, half white) children away from their families to better integrate them into white society. The movie is based on the true story of three little girls who are taken, but who run away and then walk some 1500 miles to return to their mother.

"Following the Rabbit-Proof Fence," about the making of the film, was included on the DVD. The three girls were total novices. It was amazing to watch how they were chosen and the process which produced such fine performances. At one point, an interviewer asks Everlyn Sampi if she'd like to become "a black Nicole Kidman," and she replies, "Nah, Cathy Freeman." Freeman, for those who don't remember, won the gold in the 400 meters at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and carried both the Australian and Aboriginal flags for her victory lap.

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Tuesday, April 22    

Jennifer Who?
For all those who continue to seek Jennifer Eccleston: Cable News Hotties (link thanks to Stone). Jennifer has "got those no-nonsense eyes that tell you she knows just what you're thinking, and a thick, shapely set of lips that just beckon you with every word that passes through them. Man, she's hot. I don't think I've ever once heard a damn thing she's said."

I want to think it's funny but some part of me rebels...whether or not this woman is a good reporter, I don't know. I've never actually seen her on TV. But as someone who long aspired to be a journalist, I can't be comfortable with her intellect being ignored because of her looks.

That said, by all appearances, she's hot. I support hot people doing the news.

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Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves
Jen and I watched Cher's farewell concert again last night -- just to catch the parts we missed before of course.

Jen: I hope I look that good when I'm in my 50s.
Me: I wish I looked that good now.
Jen: Ohmygod, you're right! I'm 26 and I don't look as good as Cher does at 56!

You must check out That is intense.

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Monday, April 21    

Born to Run
I am always struck by the desire to go out and run when I watch the Boston Marathon. Athletes amaze me; none more so than the winners of this year's race. Is the marathon as big a deal in other cities? It seems like Boston just stops to watch these people go by. Maybe I just feel that way because I went to Wellesley and the race goes right past us. Maybe it's because it's Patriot's Day here and most of us have the day off anyway. Maybe it's true.

Maybe I'm just nervous and talking too much because I'm waiting to hear word on the state of the WNBA labor agreement.

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Calling in Sick
I can't blog today. My throat hurts.

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Sunday, April 20    

Which Led Zeppelin song are you?
Apparently, I am "When the Levee Breaks," which is cool because I love that song. "Just like 'When the Levee Breaks' dominates Led Zeppelin IV, you dominate your world.  You don't have time for nonsense (it's surprising you even took this quiz) and you would love to be dictator of the world someday.

You are dark and scary, and you probably don't at all care about this quiz, if you even bothered to read your results."

Saw it at the Ghost of Ferro Lad

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Beware: Freckles Ahead
I went to Manchester by the Sea today. It was beautiful and sunny -- a little cold, but I love to walk along the ocean and feel the chill off the waves (which were unusually high today). The sun made up for the temperature and we stopped at Captain Dusty's for a soft-serve twist cone. When I got to my sister's for Easter dinner, my face felt a little hot; apparently I'd gotten more sun than I thought. I checked in the mirror and there they were: the season's first freckles.

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