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Thursday, February 20    

What's your bitch name?

Courtesy of my roommate, my bitch name is "Bitch whose name is Bi-otch." (Hers is "Bitch whose name is Bitch.") Your bitch name must be bestowed by a loved one. Don't go out there making one up on your own.

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Ack, ack! I forgot to include my "powered by Blogger" button. D'oh!

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The big experiment. A redesign. I'm sure to screw this up royally, so bear with me, please. I'm still learning. Let me know if you absolutely hate this look, and I'll bow my head in shame.

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Wednesday, February 19    

I survived Blizzard 2003.

However, my elbow hurts and my back is broken from shoveling 27 freakin' inches of snow. Why can't we hibernate like normal people?

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