Ch. Rosend's N Grand's She's Got The Look

GCh. R and G's Mystical Dancer, SOM ex Ch. Conquest-Rosend's Rich Girl, DOM

September 29, 2009

Specialty Winners Bitch/BOW for 4-pt major under Sylvia Hammarstrom!

Winners Bitch for 3-pt major during specialty weekend!

Best Puppy in Sweeps at Regional!

Winning 9-12 mos. class 2 out of 4 days at Regional!

Specialty 3-pt major at 8 mos old under James Reynolds!

ABC...2nd in Classes!

Born September 29, 2009, she joined the world as part of a litter of potential champions. Her dad, GCh R And G's Mystical Dancer, SOM, and mom, Ch Conquest-Rosend's Rich Girl, DOM, set the bar high and she is living up to it. At 8 months old, she pulled her first major at the Pike’s Peak Boxer Club specialty show, and has followed with a Best Puppy in Sweeps at the Regional and won her class 2 of 4 times at the Regional. Mischa just took 2 majors, a 4-pt WB/BOW at East Bay Boxer Club, and a 3-pt during specialty weekend! Finishing in "grand" style with 3 majors, making her dam a DOM in one litter!

Also, watch for her littermates who will also be in the show ring:

Mischa's health tests include:

  • Asculation/Doppler - Results normal - 1.75 flow rate, February 2012
  • Holter monitor - 0 PVCs, February 2012
  • Thyroid - normal
  • DM - "at risk"

Mischa was shown by Gary Steele and Kimberlie Steele-Gamero.

Mischa is also proving her value as a producer...she currently has one Champion (finishing at 14 months of age):



Here's Mischa's pedigree:

Ch. Wood's End Crown Sable, SOM, LOM Top 20 Contender

Ch. Capri's Woods End Spellcaster, SOM (OFA-cardiac; holter-normal; thyroid-normal) Top 20 Contender

Ch. Rummer Run's Capri, DOM

GCh. R and G's Mystical Dancer, SOM (24-hr holter-0 PVCs, SAS clear w/1.4 flow rate; thyroid-normal)

Ch. Rosend's Key Largo, SOM (doppler; 24-hr holter-0 PVCs); Top 20 Contender

Ein-Von's Kiss N'Tell, DOM

Ein-Von's It's A Dream Again, DOM


Ch. Bridgewood's B.K. Kahuna, SOM, LOM (2-time Top 20 Contender)(OFA-heart and hips)

Ch. Berlane-Rosend's Tribute to B.K. (SAS, EKG, echo doppler-normal; holter-0 PVCs; ARVC-negative; DM-at risk; OFA-hips-excellent, thryoid-normal)

Am./Can. Ch. Berlane's Flyin' High (OFA-heart and hips; 24-hr holter)

Ch. Conquest-Rosend's Rich Girl, DOM (24-hr holter-0 PVCs; dopple-SAS clear-1.7 flow rate; ARVC-negative; DM-at risk)

Ch. High River's Taylor Made of Backwoods, SOM (ABC WD/BOW and BOS)(SAS-clear & 24-hr. holter-normal) Top 20 Contender

Ch. Backwoods-Conquest's Little Ms. Magic (SAS, EKG, echo doppler-normal; holter-0 PVCs, ARVC-het; DM-risk; OFA-hips-good, thyroid-normal)

Ch. Rosend's N Backwoods Material Girl (SAS, EKG, echo doppler-normal)

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