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We are developing a PSRU for the GM 3.8 liter fuel injected automotive engine. The goal is to design it so that most of the PSRU can be built in a garage. The input and output shafts will have to be made by a machinist, but everything else will be able to be bought at an automotive parts store or made with the use of tools builders may already have.
So far we have built our first proof of concept and taken it to an EAA chapter meeting to get design opinion input. Two engineers have looked it over and feel that it will hold up to everything we have planned for it. One of the engineers did suggest the need for an alignment plate, so we have already disassembled the proof of concept and almost finished the third redesign. We plan to start the second proof of concept by the end of October, and have a working unit mounted on an engine for testing by early spring, 2010. We plan to do a three quarter throttle 200 hour initial test, with starts and stops every hour to simulate high torque loads.
The PSRU employs a 2 to 1 chain gear reduction system with the propeller mountable in either the 0 degree or 180 degree position. This should make the GM 3.8L engine perfect for the full size LSA rated Fokker DVII we are currently building, and both the Curtis P40 and Hawker Hart we are starting construction of when the DVII is complete and tested out.
The plan kit for the PSRU will include design sheets, tool list, and a parts list that builders will be able to purchase from their local automotive parts stores.

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