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Squadron Field
Squadron Field (N+37* 27' 34.22" W-95* 14' 30.40" Elev. 920') will be a 100 feet wide 1625 feet long 1/19 runway with a 40 feet by 60 feet hanger 50 feet east of the south end of the runway. The hanger doors will be on the South side of the building with a walk through door on the east side. Fifty feet South of the hanger and about 60 feet east of the runway will be a fueling station with two elevated tanks, one for automotive grade fuel and one for aviation grade fuel.

A North/South gravel road will be constructed extending about one quarter mile beyond the right (East) side of the hay barn. The road will then turn West and run to the hanger.

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These pictures show the undeveloped land where Squadron Field will be located.
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