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Midwest Great War Association Memberships

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All participants must be full paid yearly members, and must be current a minimum of 2 weeks before event date.
Gate fees from 2 weeks before, to the day of, the event will be $35.00, not including membership.

Membership fees are $25.00 per person by US post
(checks must be made out to Steel Rod Amroury or Kenneth Steenrod)
or you can pay online by clicking the "Subscribe" button bellow for $26.08 ($1.08 processing fee):

March 29th thru 31st, 2019 Great War Event:
Current members event fees are $16.92 ($1.92 processing fee and tax) for upcoming event here:
(Event fees will be refunded in the case of event cancellation)

Non-MGWA Members $43.00 event fee ($3.00 processing fee and tax):
(Event fees will be refunded in the case of event cancellation)

For your membership fee you will get the chance to be nominated as a Board Officer, and a vote on how funds are used.
Your membership fees will go towards paying the site insurance and maintaining/upgrading the Great War area! It's a win win for everyone!

WWI units represented here at Squadron Field:

Central Powers:
1) Deutsches Reich (German Empire)
a. Infanterie-Regiment von Winterfeldt Nr. 23, 3. Kompanie
b. Infanterie-Regiment Kaiser Wilhelm, König von Preußen Nr. 120, 3. Kompanie
c. Royal Württemburg Jagdstaffel 28 (Jasta 28W)
2) Kaiserlich und Königlich (Austro-Hungarian Empire)
Infanterie-Regiment Freiherr von Pitreich Nr.63

1) American Expeditionary Force (AEF)
97th Co., 3rd Batt., 6th Marine Reg., 4th Brig., 2nd Div.
A.k.a. “3/6 Marines” and “Devil Dogs”
2) British Expeditionary Force (BEF)
a. 44th Australian Infantry Battalion (ANZAC)
b. Irish Guards, 1st Battalion
c. 90th Winnipeg Rifles, 8th Battalion (CEF)
3) Regno d'Italia (Kingdom of Italy)
Brigata Brescia 19º Reggimento Fanteria, II Corpo D’Armata D’Italia
4) République Française (3rd French Republic)
2e Régiment de marche de la Légion étrangère
5) Rossiyskaya Imperiya (Russian Empire)
195th Infantry Regiment

For more information please contact us by voice or text at 620-778-9577, or by email at kenneth_the_dark@yahoo.com
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