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Just as promised, here are winners of The Bits 'N Pieces Award, complete with why they were nominated. This, of course, is an ever-expanding list, so check back...

A fan fiction site maintained by Beth. Kiss The Flame was nominated for its excellent stories, especially Letters to Sarah (a personal favorite of mine!), and A Medieval Tale. Her tales are romantic and believable - overall, Beth is a great writer!

Clueless - An amazing story by Janie (of Sometimes Wishes Come True). I know Janie's site is already on the links page, but this award goes to her story. It may be the most touching, real Nick story I've ever read. Check it out.

Where Can We Go From Here? - A tale by Whitney, this emotional story was nominated because of its amazing display of the true bond the Boys share. It's an addictive read, to be sure, and not one you want to miss out on.

What Makes You Different - By Deb, a short story that sends a beautiful message - without preaching - about how all it takes is one person to make an impact. I adored this!

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