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Yup, that's right, go where I go. You won't regret it. If you think I write worth anything or that I know my Backstreet stuff, check out the places that help *sniff* make me the woman *sniff sniff* I am today! Damn that was drastic. Visit.

This Is For The Lovahs... - my original page that I share with the charming Lovahs. We haven't updated in a loooooong time, but there are a few cute features that you should definitely go see (namely the Tyk section).
Sarah and Katy's Cheezy Backstreet Boys Fan Fic - These are my girls. I bow to them as the ultimate fan fic goddesses, they are just wonderful. Read every damn story there, then read Suzy's The One epic saga.
We've Loved Them From A Distance - These are my girls too! Amy and all the crazy kids of Out-Of-Sync have put together a fabulous page for all of you. Check out the fan fic! I personally recommend Switched and If You Asked Me To.
Backstreet.Net - Need I say more?
Backstreet Mania - OK, I'm an idiot for not remembering to link this earlier, especially after the extremely talented Jessi ranked my other other page a Four Star Fan Fic Site (woohoo!). This authoress has a mastery of description that drops my jaw and makes me hang my head humbly in defeat. Check out Dear Friend and all the rest.

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Sometimes Wishes Come True - Some amazing fan fiction by a wonderful author, Janie. I personally recommend Right Kind Of Wrong (a longer story), and all her short stories!
a is for... Jesse is an incredible writer who I would jealously despise if I didn't like and admire her so much. I've yet to read a line on her site that hasn't bowled me over. This is some of the best you'll find (like everything else here in the Links section), so good it'll make you sick...but go anyway!!!
More Than Words - A great idea by a girl named Jessica, this site is a collection of great fan fiction recommended by great fan fic authors (I feel arrogant saying this because she asked me for nominations, but those are her words!). Authors share why they enjoy their choices and their thoughts on fan fiction, and the layout is really easy to navigate. Check that puppy out!
@ Last! - A great site maintained by Amy...not only is her fan fiction awesome, the more I read on her site the more I realize how eerily similar we are...
Find Your Own Identity - A totally priceless site that poses the questions I know have crossed you all's minds too. Sarah cracks me up here, no doubt about it. FYOI is an awesome site and hey, she linked me and likes my stuff (even though she doesn't like fan fiction).
Backstreet X-Change Internet Guide - the largest online directory of Backstreet Boys' and related websites (this is such a vivid description, I know, but hey, they came up with it).

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