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"Hey, how you doin'? Welcome to 'Which One's Leighanne?'! I'm yo' host, Joe Pesci. I'm sure you all know Leighanne Wallace, my ex-girlfriend and current wife of that no-good, dancin' and prancin' sissy boy who shall remain nameless. But how well do you know her? Can you distinguish just which of these photographs are of her and which are not? We shall see...Write your answers down and keep track, because at the end of this section you will have the opportunity to check if you were correct or not."

"Here is our first picture. What the f$%# is she puttin' in her mouth is what I am askin' you? Anyway, you make the call - Leighanne or not?"

"Hmm, and now we have our second picture. This definitely resembles Leighanne in that video she did with her pansy-ass excuse for a that a hint?"

"OK, now we move on to number three. A Classmates.Com scrounge-up or the woman who used to have a real man to go to bed with?"

"Whoever this is I am definitely gonna have to get her number!"

"How the f@#$ did this picture get in here?" Whispering from off-camera. "This is a real picture? Are you f@#$in' kidding me?" More whispering. "All right, fine. Leighanne or not?"

"Running from that pathetic lowlife boy bander, no doubt. I mean, ah, is this Leighanne?"

"Well well the interest of remaining a gentleman I will refrain from comment and only pose this question to you - the woman who left me, or someone else?"

"Oh looky what we have here. Is this someone's idea of a f@#$in' prank? Because I am not amused! I am not laughing! Who's responsibile for this little stunt? I agreed to host this f@#$in' pathetic game show and this is the thanks I get? I oughta f@#$in' come after every one of you..."

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