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This is a long time coming, being that I began a good bit ago, but no matter - no one ever said I was the sharpest saw in the tool shed. Either way, silly as it seems, it needs to be said that most of this page is fiction. If any story were true, and I was secretly the female lead, I would have a Backstreet Boy of my very own to be having sex with, amongst other things (I guess) - and no offense, but if I had that Iíd be damned if Iíd spend this much time on a computer. Iíve never met them. OK, yes, so Kevin, Nick and possibly the other three did look directly at Dannie and me once, but I think it was only because they were amazed we werenít screaming, not because they wanted us. *deep, disenchanted sigh* (Yeah, you wish you knew the story, right? Sorry, it ainít all that exciting.) Only one story has the ability to be true with me as its lead, but if Nick Carter is writing me under a pseudonym Iím gonna be pissed because damnit, I need a little excitement in my life right now. Anyway, what isnít fiction is opinion and itís mine (and usually Dannieís), so...there. If you donít agree thatís totally cool - I donít post things to enforce them on people, just to share them. I know it may seem like I am unfair sometimes, but lifeís not fair either. Bitchy but true.

As far as what they would think? Well, Iíd kind of like them to see my page. Iím proud of my fan fiction and I think itíd be cool to have them read what they inspired (although Iím not altogether sure that a-B-Rok would enjoy the Leighanne thing, but he must remember that that is Joe Pesci talking, not me...dude, I donít mess with Joe, whatever he says goes). In terms of the whole campaign about not writing lewd stuff about them...Iím not all that good at writing sex scenes anyway, but even if they were creeped out I bet theyíd secretly think it was cool, cuz whoever says that one of the Boys is bad in bed? The best any womanís ever had, every damn one of them every time.

Also, because I am neither incredibly musically or dramatically talented, Iíll never get to write thank youís in a CD booklet or cry them at a podium. This doesnít, however, mean that I donít love the concept or that I donít have people Iíd like to thank, especially for this site. Each of the following people, in both big ways and small, helped and continue to help make this what it is today...

Danielle, of course you come first. Without you Iíd never have reached this level of psychosis, but itís been a hell of a trip, babydoll. Thank you for being the best friend a girl could have and one day, damnit, we will live the dream! (My premonitions always come true, sometimes they just take awhile - you know that.) Youíll always be the best ďtowel girl and, yíknow, wifeĒ for Affy (that mighty oak of a man), and Iím not budging off HooFís lawn til he cracks. Enough inside jokes, Iíll never stop...Love you, .5!...Deb, little sister and more importantly roommate that deals with all this madness. My boy bandness started with you back in New Kidsí days, so never forget that. You can have Donnie first, last and always...S&K (the writing tag-team), for making me hate you so much I love you, both...Katja, for being there. Thank you for always listening and trusting me - and for making me a better can have all of 'em (minus one), even if you wouldn't get the bracelet...Amy, for always being a fan and for being so patient when I call to read new chapters, even if you donít know the story. Fate will bring us together one of these days...I know it! Sara (who I now know can visit this page), for being my first fan fiction ďfanĒ. You never thought it was stupid and Iím so grateful for that...Deece, even though you may never come here, thank you for your patience and for listening to stories (even if you got dumped in them ;) ), when I just had to read - and yes, you are better than Brian, in our hearts...All of you who have been here, especially those that have sent me an email and let me know, thank you. I hope I got back to every one of you like I tried to. You make me happy and keep me writing! Lastly (but not leastly) - the Backstreet Boys, without you none of this would exist - I havenít figured out yet if thatís good or bad - thank you for just being you. Thank you for all the dream fodder, for unknowingly sparking my imagination time and time again but most of all simply for doing what you do for us.

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