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Welcome to my little mini-site dedicated to one of my fave bands of the nineties. Having spent endless hours scouring the web for other sites dedicated to them (and finding none), I decided I might as well do the honours. The fact I know next to nothing about the band is a mere detail, and not one I'm going to let get in my way. What I can tell you, is that the band were a four-piece, formed in 1989 by Salli Carson (vocals), Steve Scott (drums) and brothers Neil and Nick Singleton (guitar and bass respectively). Their debut ep appeared in 1990, they made some great records for the next few years, then split in 1993. See, I told you I knew next to nothing about them! Bleach were sort of lumped in with the shoegazing crowd, with bitter lyrics about betrayal and estrangement, plenty of reverb and distortion, you know the kind of thing. Singer Salli Carson often switched her vocals from a soft, almost plaintive side to bitter, guttaral tirading within the space of a verse, whilst the rest of the band washed away around her ina sea of reverb and white noise. Well, sometimes. Anyway, eventually they got fed up with no-one listening to them, and split up, who knows where they are now and what they're doing. My spies inform me that Steve has done a bit of producing with other bands (can't remember who), and Salli sang guest vocals on Idlewild's " Hope is important ", on a track called " You don't have the heart ". Sadly, that's all I know about this wonderful band, anyone who can enlighten me further with some biographical details or other titbits, please let me know. In the meantime, I've compiled a list below of all their releases, with tracklistings and stuff for your perusal. So, if you're into hating other people and being very angry and fed up in general, perhaps this will persuade you to part with your fifty pence in Avalanche's bargain indie singles section if you see one of their cd's. Finally, can I just take this oppurtunity to point out that Bleach are in no way connected to the American christian rock band of the same name - haven't heard them myself, but I can only imagine they're shite.

eclipse e.p.
snag e.p.
killing time
trip and slide

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