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Until the 20th century, New Brunswick's economy only relied on natural resources such as fur, fish, and wood.

Now the province's economic base has broadened into mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and services such as communications, transportation, and tourism.

New Brunswick's economy is skyrocketing. Why not invest? The province's forestry industry is very important to our nation's economy. Mining has brought many valuable resources such as 85% of our country's Antimony, and New Brunswick is the only producer of Marl in the country. Agricultural production, which has been around since the first Acadian settlers, has remained strong and steady. New techniques in fishing, as well as consumption regulations, has helped maintain this booming industry. New Brunswick has been described as the "picture province", and its cultural history attracts tourists by the thousands. Invest now. New Brunswick!

For our project, in which we are trying to encourage you to invest in our province, we have decided to write about the 4 main economic sectors: Agriculture, Fishing, Forestry, and Mining. We have also provided a Video Gallery in which you will see many tourist areas, as well as some geological features, and wonderful cultural events.

In addition, we have fun New Brunswick facts to let you know that New Brunswick is not only economically stable, but a great place to live. We have also provided a quiz for you to test your knowledge (or what you have learned on our site), and a guestbook where you can read or leave comments too. Enjoy!

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Current Economic Events in New Brunswick

New Brunswick Great Place For Buisness

Bernard Lord, New Brunswick's Premier, spoke to the Toronto Board of Trade about his province's economy. He proudly told them that since he entered office (about 22 months ago) he cut down the size of the cabinet by one third, saving millions of dollars. The province offers many benefits to investors because it is competetive, business ready, educated, and bilingual.

In the year 2000, New Brunswick's rate of export rose by 21.6% outpacing Canada's average of 15.9%. He asks that Canadians not only look South for investment opportunities, but East as well.

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New Economic Development Focus For Business New Brunswick

Within the next fiscal year, New brunswick's Minister Joan MacAalpine claims that there will be many new changes to help the development of New Brunswick, its businesses, and delivery of programs and services to help increase job and wealth opportunities.

A new structure, CEDA (Community Economic Development Agencies) is already underway. CEDA allows the community and regions to make their own decisions on their own economic development plans.

E-business and partnerships are being developed with the main goal of maximizing growth and export opportunities. Funds and a partnership with the Department of Investments and Exports will help increase tourism. All in all the future looks bright!