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This page contains information concerning the wonderful world of our beloved subject, Chemistry.  In here, you will find information that has been shortened on various topics for your convenience.  Please sign our guest book :o) Mahalo nui loa!


  Topic 1:  Chemical Foundations
Topic 2:  Atoms, Molecules, and Ions
  Topic 3:  Stoichiometry
  Topic 4:  Gases
  Topic 5:  Thermochemistry
  Topic 6:  Atomic Structure and Periodicity
  Topic 7:  Bonding:  General Concepts
  Topic 8:  Liquids and solids
  Topic 9:  Acids and bases
  Topic 10:  Spontaneity and Entropy and Free Energy
  Topic 11:  Electrochemistry
  Topic 12:  The Nucleus
  Topic 13:  Organic Chemistry
  Topic 14:  Biochemistry

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Created by:  Barbara and Nikie
Kaimuki High School
Last Updated:  May 29, 2002