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- Reactivated site, tested and fixed links
- Added ModDb and Sourceport pages
- Nice new Logo for the page
- Added Official Walkthrough/Guide
- Found new extractor named simply Extractor2.5 by Nova Software, (Installs in Russian, edit extractor.ini to fix [just replace Russian with English])
- This extractor will extract csm.bin archives from ANY CHASM install even the betas! and save the files 'As Is' no conversion like XWE
- Also it can IMPORT files to CSM.BIN so we can now create our own fully modified CSM.BIN, and use it instead of the retail one
- Major website overhaul, looks much better now, and more space to put stuff, Screenshots is empty but not for long! 08/24/10
- Added NEW editor for Autodesk .cel format pictures IMAGINE, Excellent program (make sure you have the CHASM palette file so you can apply it before saving!) 08/21/10
- Added uploads for all official patches and the only official mod 'supergun' which changes the weapons
- Also added an unofficial mod file 'AndiNoLevels' adds some test levels only, 27 28 30 31 33 (use 'GO' in the console to access these)
- Also added CHASM DEMO links (Demo numbering is different then full version)
- Added a link to 's CHASM demo, pre-setup for multiplayer and dosbox, Heres the main CHASM page
- Added CHASM BETA with 3O Viewer (This has been 'patched' to work on modern systems, the zip is otherwise the same (viewer only works with beta model files)
- Revamped website to look better (looked fine before on my old monitor, sorry)
- Messed around with the weapons file some more, started adding extra comments to it for weapon editing
- Uploaded Chasm Map Editor
- Added links for editors used
- Started 'Transformers Chasm' website and uploaded first beta release (very few changes)
- Requested CHASM be added to the MOD DATABASE of moddable games

- Messed with CHASM to see if it could be modded, found the level editor, and how to extract files from csm.bin,
- Started Forum Post at the 'MOD DATABASE' announcing modability of CHASM


Inspired to be finished by my work on the TRANSFORMERS QUAKE2 MOD