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Mikey's SuDoku Arcade

My Favorite Things About SuDoku (hint: my Dad's EASY button) :)

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:) Mikey's Sudoku Arcade :)

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Greetings! and welcome to my SuDoku Arcade website! I hope you'll enjoy these brand new SuDoku games that I've recently discovered on here for your enjoyment and pleasure. Some of these SuDokus you can solve right here on my site, some you can print out and solve, some you can click on their link and then you can solve it right on their sudoku website. All SuDoku puzzles are updated everyday. Have fun trying to solve the many new SuDokus I have found on here and have a great day!!! :) Sudoku game
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Sudoku Of The Day 1: Big SuDoku Game

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The Daily SuDoku game

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Visit for more puzzles, solutions, hints, books and other resources. Sudoku game

Sudoku :):):)
This is a number puzzle game that is sooo addictive yet sooo much fun to play!!
new puzzle from enjoy! :)

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Lots of great Sudoku puzzles that I have found on here for your enjoyment of the great Sudoku game that takes this world by storm. The same SuDoku game that my Dad and my GrandMom got me hooked on ever since my birthday last year when my GrandMom gave me that SuDoku book to play as one of my birthday gifts. :)

Mikey's SuDoku Arcade :)
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AM1290 The Ticket: Mikey was on radio 5:45pm to 5:55pm on 06/13/2008 :)

Thanks for visiting Mikey's SuDoku Arcade. Have Fun and Adventure On! :)