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Counter-Strike Editor

Counter-Strike is a modification (MOD) to the excellent game, Half-Life. It modifies the multiplayer aspects of Half-Life to bring to it a more team-oriented gameplay. Counter-Strike provides the player with an experience that a trained counter-terrorist unit or terrorist unit experiences. The MOD is team-based featuring one team playing the role of the terrorist and the other team playing the role of the counter-terrorist. Each side has access to different guns and equipment, as well as different abilities. Maps have different goals such as: hostage rescue, assassination, bomb defusion, Terrorist escape, etc.


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  Ailestor's SKINS for Counter-Strike


Interactive 3D View



Hold down Left Mouse button and Move Mouse In All Directions to rotate the model.
Hold down Right Mouse button and Move Mouse Up Or Down to zoom in or out.
Hold down Both Mouse buttons and Move Mouse In All Directions to move model.




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Type: Arctic Avenger
File size: 1.96M
Download: Click here
Info: The red-fox special storm troops are made up of specially trained and experienced sworn terrorist and employer who are utilized in incidents where disciplined team work, specialized weapons and tactical skills are required to deal with and resolve purpose enforcement incidents that are high risk in nature.  
Note: Click here download RSST Skins-Pack.
How to use: Extract all files to ...Sierra/Counter-Strike/ or ...Sierra/Half-Life/ folder


  Ailestor's SKINS for Counter-Strike



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