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The Story of Cheezus Diced Our Appetizer

Laura: "In the olden times, there a great and mighty kingdom. It might have been great but it was also EEEEVILLLL!!! It was called....
Thalia: "The temptous satanic beast."
Cray: "I KNEW IT!!!"
Thalia: "!Anti Cheese like!"
Laura: "McDonald's, led by the sinister King Ronald, would make this great earth's inhabitatnts morbidly fat and unhealthy!"
Clearblue: "Ooo, rl thunder just as you mentioned McD's."
Laura: "And...would put CHEESE on its DEATHFOOD of......DEATH!"
Thalia: "Scandalous!:
Peglin: ":O"
Trance: "*shudders*"
Thalia: "Those heathens!"
DiMona: "Oh my Cheese."
Thalia: "Sad times they were."
Peglin: "WHAT BEAST!"
Laura: "In the olden day, the almighty Cheese was a much lesser tribe of benevolent cheeses....cheddar, swiss, camembert. And that was IT!"
Thalia: "The shame, the horror." Laura: "They were enslaved by the evil Mcdonald...and their only pay? Was a free shower to get the grit and dirt of their yellowy surfaces. But one fateful night in the tiny town of Chiiz..... That a tiny cheese fermentation facility a new cheese was born. [disembodied voices] Laaaaa! His name....was Cheezus. As soon as he came into the brightness of living every cheese in the tiny town of Chiiz Soon after the Cheeses arose against the evil King Ronald. he tittered....and sneered an eeeevil sneer. 'You will never win against us!' he said. 'People around the world have fallen to our greasiness! You have no chance!" Despite the Cheese's bravery and determination, they realized...King Ronald was right. It was simply not possible for a tiny insignificant group such as they to triumph over the millions that were the McDonald army. Their hearts would beat louder with the steady rhythm of courage. Their silky-smooth curd would radiate determination. With the confidence of this miracle baby behind them, they knew they could overcome the evil king ronald. And guess what brothers and sistas? They DID! Spreading their Cheesy goodness to all, and never being grilled and sizzled on burgers. The baby in this story told is Cheezus Diced our Appetizer. And all who hold his power to their hearts will forever prosper in mind and spirit."

And to that, brothas and sistas, I say: ACHEESE!

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