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Cheesism is a mighty religion within TSO. Myself and many of my friends are members. The religion has become fairly widespread.

Here we have a gathering of Cheesists, including Cray Auchtin, Trance, LdyThalia, Emmanuelle, DiMona Lisa, Clearbluesky II, Melanie-Star, and more!

The basic teachings of this religion are simple: If it's not fun, don't do it. These teachings often lead to crazy antics in the name of the Cheese or Cheezus Diced, Our Appetizer.

Read The Cheese Creed
Or read the Story of Cheezus Diced Our Appetizer
Also, there is a lovely example of Cheesism at work outside of TSO

A Brief History of Cheesism
During beta testing for TSO, a small group of Sims started Cheesism. The idea didn't catch on, and the cult seemed short lived.
Then, Laura Nightingale built a shrine to the Cheese. She worshipped the Cheese. This mystified her friends, particularily one, LdyThalia. That was, it mystified them until one day...the Cheese revealed itself to LdyThalia. I'm still waiting for her to type up that experience for me....but some day, some day it will be here!

A group of Cheesists hail the divine dairy product
Below, three devout Cheesists meditate on the awesomeness of the Cheese.

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