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The Cheeze Shop

When Cheesism escapes...

Well, I was happily posting at the King's Quest 9 forums when I stumbled upon a thread called "The Cheeze Shop". Naturally, I felt the urge to see this thread. It had to do with Cheese. It was holy!

B'rrr, the poster who had started the thread had started with a picture:

Ahhh....Cheese!! YAY!! But wait...there was more!

Naturally, I saw an opportunity to expand the teachings of the Cheese and posted a link to the Cheesism page you just came from. The forumers were thrilled (which made me even happier!)
But it gets better! I was dubbed "Q. Cheesey" (after P. Diddy) and lyrics to one of my "hit songs" were posted by Kimmie:
Let's Get Cheese
Chorus (Q. Cheesey & the Cheddars)
Make this Cheese
Take this Cheese (Let's get it)
Ain't no way you can take this from me (Let's get it)
Ain't Cheese funny (uh)
Eat it honey (Let's get it)
Cheese makin' money
Now let's get Cheese

(Q. Cheesey)
Eat with your people
Though my Cheese is Sweet and Low in fat,
Its Cheese that you're lookin' at
Once I throw the hook you proceed to get cookin'

And then B'rrr posted his third Cheese, a lovely Edam:

Isn't it beautiful?
But possibly not as beautiful as this rapping Cheese!

In the end, we all proceeded to enjoy and love and worship Cheese, and I built a Cheese statue in the Cheeze Shop and a Cheese temple outside. Isn't that one of the most beautiful stories you've ever heard?

Take me back to Cheesism
Or perhaps all the way to the Cache and away from this psychotic cult!