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2004-2005 Chess Odyssey News
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November 6:  Chess Odyssey's 2004 Oregon Grade-Level Championships (currently in the process of being rated by USCF) drew a terrific crowd of K-12 competitors from all over Oregon and southwest Washington.  Thanks to all who came and to all of our paid staff for making this year's grade-level another great success!  Trophy results are as follows:

High School
1st -- Drew Serres
2nd -- Patrick Gay
3rd -- William Sercombe
4th -- Corbin Yu
5th -- Ethan Peake

Eighth Grade
1st -- Marcus Robinson
2nd -- Aditya Arun/Austin Sharp
3rd -- Raleigh Foster
4th -- Rizal Flores
5th -- Tian Song

Seventh Grade
1st -- Nathan Porter
2nd -- Henry Rolfs
3rd -- Benjamin Streb
4th -- Dennis Shi
5th -- Kurt Sprouse

Sixth Grade
1st -- Daniel Gay
2nd -- Graeme Kluber
3rd -- Whitney Harvey
4th -- Gurtej Kanwar
5th -- Noah Diamond

Fifth Grade
1st -- Cameron Gregson
2nd -- Mark Webb
3rd -- Justin Hooker
4th -- Carson Hannibal
5th -- Joel Porter

Fourth Grade
1st -- Kevin Wang
2nd -- Wayne Xun
3rd -- Noah Tesema
4th -- Nevin Taylor
5th -- Jinhyun Shin

Third Grade
1st -- Mitchel Button
2nd -- Sarah May
3rd -- Ian Jackson
4th -- Andrew Liu
5th -- William Yuan

Kindergarten-Second Grade
1st -- Bahr Simon Trayhorn
2nd -- Connor Kelly
3rd -- Philip Weiss
4th -- Matthew Webb
5th -- Andrew Kirkpatrick


October 19:  Drew Serres tied for 1st in the 'B' section (players rated 1600-1799) of the Western States Open, held in Reno, Nevada from October 17-19.  He brought home a 3rd place trophy (after tie-breaks) and a nice check.  Way to go, Drew!

September 6:  Chess Odyssey student and Program Assistant Blake Phillips finished second at the Oregon Open over Labor Day weekend this year, beating several masters and pushing his rating into the 'Expert' category.  Congratulations, Blake!

August 7:  Thanks for coming to the 2004 Chess Odyssey Summer OlympicsWhat a great day it was!  Click here for results.

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