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2004 Chess Odyssey Summer Olympics


Thanks to all the scholastic participants
who made this an incredibly enjoyable event!

Team trophies went to the following (the top 4 individual players'
scores on each team were added together to make a team score):

Team Score First Place (16.5) - "Cedar Pirc," consisting of Austin Sharp, 
Tian Song, Sean You, Daniel Friesen, Van Dang & Scotty Thompson.

Team Score Second Place (15) - "King-Whacking Homosapiens,"       
consisting of Marcus Robinson, Andy May, Ethan Peake, Willy          
Sercombe, Daniel Gay & Thomas Avila.                                                 

Team Score Third Place (13) - "Chess Oddity," consisting of Blake       
Phillips, Patrick Gay, Drew Serres, Ryan Matheson, Nathan Porter 
& Sagar Rotithor.                                                                                     

Individual medals went to the following players:

Olympians  (unlimited player rating)

Blake Phillips - 4.5
Thomas Avila - 4.5

Daniel Gay - 3.5
Andy May - 3.5
Marcus Robinson - 3.5

Patrick Gay - 3.0
Drew Serres - 3.0
Gokul Caushik - 3.0

Heroes  (players rated under 1000)

Annelise Peake - 4.5

Aaron Pikus - 4.0
Ashwin Malynur - 4.0
James McDonald - 4.0

Brendan Hsu - 3.5
Joel Porter - 3.5
Wayne Xun - 3.5
Chris McGehee - 3.5

Warriors  (players with no USCF rating or unestablished)

Sean You - 5.0

Van Dang - 4.5

Tian Song - 4.0
Brandon Morehouse - 4.0
Cameron Gregson - 4.0

Email Pete if you'd like to see the complete final standings.

Finally, congratulations to the 3 winners of our drawing for
a one-hour lesson with Grandmaster Emil Anka--they were:    

Annelise Peake
Connor Kelly
Wayne Xun

Our next events are Fresh Air Blitz in September, the 
Oregon Grade-Level Championships
in November, the
Winter Olympics Team Tournament in January and our
Girls Only Pentathlon coming up next February...
we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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