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Thiefy stuff by xarax

The Varyx Obelisk 1.4b for ThiefGold. (4.11MB). 2001SEP02 14:30 MDT
Thief1 DromEd tutorial in PDF and Word2000 doc format. (1MB). 2002APR19 16:26 MDT
Heart and Soul 1.9t for ThiefGold (3.00MB) 2002APR01 14:15 MST
A zip containing a jpeg screenshot of Soul Reaver 1 weapons
A zip containing savegames for LegendOfKain Defiance. All chapters, except 11.

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Apparently, there are still some cases of incorrect early completion when the loot requirement is satisfied. I am looking into it.

Revision 1.9t fixes an objective completion bug that caused early mission complete when the loot requirement was satisfied before completing all other objectives.

The Walkthru20.str file has been removed as a separate download. You must download the mission zip file to get the latest walkthru.

Revision 1.9s adds a hint about the chalkmark "X" and makes the "Athena Spider" gate non-frobbable. Thief:TDP players may be tempted to frob the gate shut and will get stuck. This revision makes the gate operable only via the lever.

Changed the "lever" so that inserting the lever causes the gate to raise immediately. This should fix a bug for Thief:TDP players, where the lever would not operate after insertion. At least they can now get past the gate.

Minor bug fixes and gameplay issues address: Heart and Soul 1.9p uploaded.

Heart and Soul 1.9n released!

Added "Walkthru20.str" to the zip file for a Walk through. Also available for separate download.

Here are some pictures of "Heart and Soul" for ThiefGold, the sequel to "The Varyx Obelisk". The mission is very short; just an excuse to show off some CowGEN architecture. The Keeper Courtyard and the temporal gates were made with CowGEN.

Please note that this mission is now RELEASED. Use DarkLoader to install it and play it.

The Keeper Courtyard in the town of Gartillian on the Southern Continent

An apparently ordinary teleportation portal

A subterranean teleportation portal

Old Towne before the disaster

Another view of Old Towne before the disaster

A temporal gate for time travel to Old Towne before the disaster