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8/06-02 ThanaTos

One new rec by MJXII (HK) who beated Rasu (VC) and is now on the same place as csybe (¿).


03/06-02 ThanaTos

csybe (¿) almost took the lead of the table with one rec :P. Not really, but he's the first one who send in a rec for quite a long time and it makes me happy :D. I hope many more recs will find the way to my mail.


06/02-02 ThanaTos

Rasu (VC) is almost leading with four new times, eight totally. MIF (ER) has nine recs and is still leading.


30/01-02 ThanaTos

Me got two WRs on Lost Internals, wweeeeyyyyyy!! Me roxxor! Blah, no one's playing :( Come on the BaseTimes aren't that difficult to beat.


24/01-02 ThanaTos

This isn't an update! This isn't an update! This isn't an update! This isn't an update! This isn't an update! This isn't an update! This isn't an update! This isn't an update!


21/01-02 ThanaTos

Rasu (VC) has arisen, he's now second on the top driver list with four recs, beating three MIF (ER) times and his own best time. There are many BaseTimes left, try to get them out of the table :)


20/01-02 ThanaTos

Dariuz and MIF (ER) sent in more recs.

MIF (ER) king of the list with nine new recs (forteen in all). MIF (ER) beated four of yesterdays newcomer, DYW265. Mick0r lost one rec to MIF (ER). Dariuz made another good time. Mick0r and Dariuz have each, three recs.


19/01-02 ThanaTos

Dariuz and DYW265 sent in some recs.

The leader of the top drivers list isn't Mick0r nor MIF (ER) anymore, but a newcomer named DYW265 who with six recs took the lead. DYW265 beated two of Mick0r's times and one of MIF's (ER) time and four BaseTimes. Dariuz made one new rec and beated Mick0r.

185 visitors on the site so far (I'm at least twenty of them :)), we're half way to 370 visitors WWHHEEEYYY!!!

NB! Sign the Guestbook.


16/01-02 ThanaTos

MIF (ER) made six recs, he took one rec from Mick0r, two from Rasu (VC), and also beated three BaseTimes. MIF (ER) with his six recs is now right behind the leader of the top drivers list Mick0r, who's leading the list with seven recs. I hope that there will be soon more competitors to lower those times, and make some competition to the players who are allready playing. And remember to sign the guestbook.


14/01-02 ThanaTos

New section on the site, it's a guestbook :) Check it out.


13/01-02 ThanaTos

Three kuskis playing now, YYEEEE, it's just getting better, soon the whole elma scene will be playing our levs :) Rasu [VC] took three recs. There are many BaseTimes left to beat, don't be shy and send in your recs.

11/01-02 ThanaTos

WWWEEEEEEYYYY at last someone sent in some more recs, this time it was Mick0r who beated one of Dariuz's recs and seven BaseTimes. By the way are Mick0r and Dariuz the only one playing the levs? At least it seems so. Maybe the BaseTimes are to good for you guys :) Show me that I'm wrong!


02/01-02 ThanaTos

Dariuz got two times, he's now leading the table :)

Come and beat those BaseTimes.


02/01-02 ThanaTos

New Year! New site! Isn't it coooool. Coooooler than Cool's site : p

Play the levels, they're good.





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