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Current Characters

  • Jack Peterson: An American photographer on assignment to photograph the English countryside.
  • Ede Hullock: A granny with attitude!
  • Jeffrey Stone: An elderly gentleman and adept mage. Leader of the Totterington Society for the Magical Arts.
  • Grace Potters: Retired librarian of Little Totterington and master gardener.
  • TJ Simpson: A stock-broker from America.
  • Andrew Wazowski: Computer nerd with a spiritual connection
  • Jim Keating: Itinerant poet, sometime artist ...
  • Professor Lao Wang: You would not want to hand in an assignment late for this Professor of Philosophy - and martial artist!
  • Elizabeth Robinson: an Awakened child from generations of mages ... why is she visiting a village where magick is commonplace ... ?

Past Characters

  • Miles: A hospital nurse.
  • Books: An enigmatic stranger from America.
  • Nap: A drop-out traveller, with a Volkswagen van.
  • Sara the Gypsy: A slim young woman, whose age is difficult to determine.
  • Colin B. McShea: A gifted biologist, in the tradition of Dr Frankenstein.
  • Mary Elizabeth Carstairs: A young American woman.
  • George Jefferies: A tinkerer and ex-security company owner.
  • Jonah V Rosenberg: A young graduate student from America.
  • Campbell McInnes: Apparently, a twelve year old boy who lives with his family in Little Totterington.
  • Aaron Knight:  A young man with legendary endurance, and a wonderful library.
  • Brendon Gabe: Searching for answers .....
  • Boann Reed:  A druid
  • Andrew Larkin: Initiate of House Bonisagus and Researcher in Ars Mentis of Oxford Chantry
  • David Landings: "Dead people have feelin's too man, ya can't jus' go stompin' all over his headstone!"
  • Clara: A girl touched by Glamour and in tune with the Dream
  • Random: Debonair, suave, carefree, whimsical, and full of Gallic charm - Random the Frenchman
  • Mina: Travel broadens the mind
  • Nikki: She looks unexceptional .....
  • William Emerson: A private detective has opened an office in the village
  • Erik Mason: Another, but very different, member of the Oxford Chantry
  • Braken: Young, happy-go-lucky - and with a keen sense of smell!

Non-player characters

Rules - or guidelines

The emphasis in this game is on writing and imagination, rather than meticulously following a set of rules. However, have a look at topics below to check out how we've decided to handle some situations.