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Golgotha background


         During the years I spent putting Golgotha together it began to take on a life and rhythm of it's own. I developed a history and a character list to match a cast of thousands. I also collected a series of game related stories that I now realise needs to be stored somewhere for consistency. The following pages therefore are a depository for the history of Golgotha and a record of it's progress through the games I play within it's boundaries. I hope you enjoy them. Simply click on the links to read the background material


A brief synopsis of galactic history

A short history of the spiral and it's relations with the empire

A brief synopsis of the powers present in the spiral

A cast of thousands

The experiences of Inquisitor Van Haroom on the rim

The rebellion at Massada

The news reaches Golgotha Prime

Extracts from the diaries of Noah Ben Shalek

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