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Armed Forces


Golgotha The settling year

                With trembling hands Noah placed the ancient holovid disc in the player. Carbon dating had placed the original at some 36,000 years old . Soon the treasures of the subterranean chamber on Gilgaleth II would be revealed. At last, the truth. No more oral history. Silently an image of a young woman appeared.  She smiled, coughed and history spoke to Noah.

                "Shalom & Greetings Azrael ben Shalek, I am Miriam daughter of Abrahim, Great grand daughter of Noah Kesselowitz , founder of the Massada free state. I am the elected leader of the children of David, lance leader of our armed forces and speak for all my nation. For three hundred years the Islamic Federation and my people have fought each other across the spiral while trying to establish ourselves on those few planets that we each hold. It is time to put an end to this insanity.  We are few enough for the planets we hold; the spiral has many inhabitable planets; our people have resources beyond their wildest dreams.  Yet still we slaughter each other. Why? Your god is our god, your home planet is our planet, your dreams are our dreams. There is but one god with many names. To kill for the name of god is  madness. Azrael ben Shalek. We offer you peace unconditional, all the space you require and time to heal old wounds. All it needs is your word. Let the word be Shalom!"

    As the message sig ran across the screen Noah ben Shalek descendant of the house of Kesselowitz and the sheikdom of Shalek wept for a long, lost past. What wonders would the disc reveal. 



                 In real life The Golgotha of the 41st millennium was now a living breathing entity that would with little work provide me with an unlimited source of scenarios for dirtside II and BFG. However as always other interests floated by. The ships of GZG's FT were sooooo.. inviting and FT played beautifully. A young nephew introduced me to the mind numbingly simple but oh so playable Mechwarrior click game from Wizz kids and I was tempted. The pre history gave me a canvass and back ground that fitted in so well with what I had already. The idea of the Shalomites and IF fighting each other, in small high tech warships in space , while they kicked the *^#t out of each other on sparsely populated worlds, using huge fighting machines had an appeal. The battle to found Golgotha in a similar yet VERY different environment was so convincing that I just could not resist. In time I hope to make these pages as rich and full as those of 41st century Golgotha.