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Server Name: Camel's ANTI-CHEAT CS 1.5
Server IP:
Admin: Diesel, TooL, Ebone
Last Update: 09/25/02 04:11am
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Clantag ~[KaK]~
Members on server 3
Ranked Members 1
Rank Percentage 33.33%
Average Rank 283
Total Kills 2919
Total Deaths 3965
Kills per Death 0.74
Total Awards 2
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# Player Name Kills Deaths Rank Skill
1 ~[KaK]~TwiZtiDCeReaLKiLLeR 1831 2197 29 1589
2 ~[KaK]~[bio]-Liquidmetal 887 1530 239 1210
3 ~[KaK]~[bio]-Liquidmetal 201 238 581 1102
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Last updated on 09/25/02 04:11am
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