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PGN Library

More than 4000 annotated chess games in PGN format

A lot of people places annotated chess games on the Web, but unfortunately there is a wide variety of formats, more or less resembling the standard PGN format, with proprietary variations.

It is quite difficult to process automatically those games.

I have downloaded in several years all the annotated games I was able to find, and, while browsing them with
ChessVU, I have tried to transform the original text files into more portable PGN files.

It was not an easy task.
ChessVU was useful to help me checking the final correctness, and at the same time I relaxed the rules used by ChessVU, to allow as far as possible direct processing of the files as they are (the ideal would be for ChessVU to be so smart to understand all the irregularities).

I want to share the result of my work, because most of the games are really precious. I hope the original annotators will forgive me for using their comments, in the interest of all chess fans, that will be able to enjoy the games, using ChessVU (FREEWARE) or other viewers.

Here are the zipped files. Were possible I add a general comment and the link of the original source, whom I am grateful.

Corus Wijk an Zee 2003 - 91 games
Anand wins 8.5/13, Judit Polgar is second 8/13.

Corus Wijk an Zee 2004 - 91 games
Anand wins 8.5/13, Leko and Adams follow 8/13.

Middle game lessons - 481 games
Beautiful collection of thematic games on chess strategy and styles

Russian games - 23 games
Deeply annotated games by russian GMs like Svidler, Sakaev, Ivanov, Aseev, Ionov
Russian Chess - GM Laboratory

Thomas Hartwig - 29 games
Games of various level, annotated by Thomas Hartwig

Immortal games - 36 games
The best of chess, games from world champions

Exeter lessons from Tal - 8 games
Games from Tal, annotated by DrDave
Exeter Chess Club- Lessons From Mikhail Tal

David Hayes - 9 games
Games of various level, annotated by David Hayes

Eric Schiller - 8 games
Games annotated by the author

Koltanowski - 14 games
George Koltanowski games, some annotated by Eric Schiller

Kramnik - 40 games
Annotated games from Kramnik

Polgar - 40 games
Annotated games from Judit Polgar

NewYork 1924 - 110 games
The famous tournament, annotated for beginners by Battle Royale

Linares 2001 - 30 games
Some annotated games (Kasparov wins 7.5/10), by John Henderson


Linares 2002 - 42 games
Deeply annotated tournament (Kasparov wins 8/12), by Mark Hathaway

Bali 2002 - 16 games
Selected games (J.Polgar and others), by Mark Hathaway

Top games - 28 games
Annotated games from top level tournaments, by Mark Hathaway

Perle - 118 games
Pearls from chess history, annotated in English, Italian and Spanish

Famous games - 500 games
Famous games from chess history

Match Ponomariov-Kortchnoi 2001 - 8 games
Games annotated by IM E.Miroshnichenko, IM O.Berezin

Kasparov-Topalov - 62 different analysis
The game of the century ?

Human_computer - 29 games
Kasparov, Anand, Kramnik etc. playing computers

SCCA - 75 games
Correspondence chess (some games very deeply analysed - game 75 has almost 2000 moves!)


Cambridge Springs 1904 - 20 games
Tornament (Marshall wins 13/15) by Jan van Reek

World matches - 580 games
World matches, from Giovanni Leonardo to Deep Fritz, by Jan van Reek

moskow64 - 42 games
Zonal tournament, Moscow 1964, Spasski wins 7/12, by Jan van Reek

electronic_campfire - 6 games
Najdorf and others 1890-1930, by Tim McGrew
The Electronic Campfire

Scarborough 2001 - 380 games
GBR-ch tournament, (J.G.Gallagher wins 8/11) annotated by Andrew Martin

D00 Opening - 103 games
Sample games from Chess Informant (free, to be used with Informant Reader)

Romero - 4 games
Games from FIDE Wch KO 2001, by GM Alfonso Romero Holmes

GM games - 20 games
Games annotated by GMs

Semicomm - 46 games
Annotated games of various source

Great masters - 13 games
13 games from Steinitz to Tal

KK - 2 games
2 annotated games from Kasparov - Karpov matches

VC_89_99 - 73 games
annotated games from VC

VC_2000 - 58 games
annotated games from VC

VC_2001 - 40 games
annotated games from VC


Chess_doctor - 54 + 2 games
Chessdoctor Annotated Games (analyzed by National Master Corey Russell)

Europe echecs - 307 games
annotated games (in French, by G. Bertola) from




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