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One day in May, I received an e-mail from a person, an individual I felt quite sure was a cheater. (We had already exchanged many e-mails, in some of these he had confessed to being banned from at least one server ... for using a computer.) 

He informed me that he had spoken to an administrator of the Lycos server, and was also in communication with a person (of some importance) at the "PlayChess" server. He stated that my website, (; was about to be deleted. I passed off this communication off as pure hot air. (As I would normally do.) 

However, about a day-and-a-half later, I went to access my site to update some files ... only to discover that it had been deleted!!! Nearly ten years of work ... gone in the blink of an eye. (I was listed as a "banned site," in the URL at the top of the page.) 

I immediately set to work. I filed for a new website. I deleted any questionable files ... anything that could be considered remotely objectionable. Then I uploaded all of these files.  

I spent about three nearly sleepless days and nights, working 20+ hours ... in an attempt to "fix" the problem. (Repairing and changing link after link.) 

Tuesday; May 16th, 2006:  I received the following e-mail. 

ind_old_loe.bmp, 853 KB


YOU  ...  have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!! 

OK, it's all just a big mistake? Where are all my files? I already have changed so much stuff! What am I to do now, change it all back??? What guarantee do I have that this would not happen again? - A.J. Goldsby I  

Click  HERE  to go to the new or re-located site. 

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