INTRODUCTION Two-player card game of Napoleonic Warfare. Simplified version of Fusillade THE DECK Players share a 52 card common deck. The deck contains one of each of the cards described in the lists. The deck has 10 Suites: Infantry Units Infantry Weapons Cavalry Units Cavalry Weapons Artillery Units Artillery Weapons Leaders Strategy Morale Defense TROOPS Each player starts with 100 points of troops. Use change to keep track of troop points. VICTORY Reduce your opponents troop total to zero. SETUP Each player is dealt 7 cards. Flip a coin to see who goes first. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 3 Phases: 1. Maneuver Phase 2. Attack Phase 3. Casualty Phase MANEUVER PHASE First you may discard any cards from your hand, you don’t want. Next, you may draw cards to fill your hand to 7 cards. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. ATTACK PHASE You may choose to attack or not to attack. To attack you must play face up on the table a Meld. A Meld must contain a minimum of 2 cards: A Unit card and a Weapon card of matching Troop type. Troop types include: Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery. The meld may also contain up to: 1 Leader card, 1 Strategy card, and 1 Morale card. Your opponent may play a defense card to negate a target Meld card. A negated meld card has a Force value = zero. The Rest of the Meld still counts. CASUALTY PHASE Add up the Force value of all the Meld cards you played. This total is the number of casualties inflicted on your opponent. Your opponent loses that many troop points. CARD LIST NOTATION IU = Infantry Units IW = Infantry Weapons CU = Cavalry Units CW = Cavalry Weapons AU = Artillery Units AW = Artillery Weapons L = Leaders S = Strategy M = Morale D = Defense CARD LIST Name Type Force Notes Irregulars IU 1 Line Infantry IU 2 Light Infantry IU 3 Grenadiers IU 4 Guard Infantry IU 5 Skirmish IW 1 Musketry IW 2 Fusillade IW 3 Volley IW 4 Bayonets IW 5 Chasseurs CU 1 Hussars CU 2 Dragoons CU 3 Carabiniers CU 4 Cuirassiers CU 5 Pistols CW 1 Sabers CW 2 Lances CW 3 Charge CW 4 Pursuit CW 5 Horse Artillery AU 1 Light Artillery AU 2 Field Artillery AU 3 Heavy Cannon AU 4 Battery AU 5 Shrapnel AW 1 Solid Shot AW 2 Canister AW 3 Bombardment AW 4 Enfilade AW 5 Lieutenant L 1 Major L 2 Captain L 3 Colonel L 4 General L 5 Maneuver S 1 Concentrate Force S 2 Breakthrough S 3 Outflank S 4 Envelopment S 5 Discipline M 1 Valor M 2 Rally M 3 Esprit De Corps M 4 Flush with Victory M 5 Disordered D - Negate an Infantry Weapon Card Infantry Square D - Negate a Cavalry Weapon Card Reverse Slope D - Negate an Artillery Weapon Card Killed in Action D - Negate a Leader Card Reserve D - Negate a Strategy Card Panic D - Negate a Morale Card Fog of War D - Negate a Defense Card

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