Two-player card game of Napoleonic Warfare.

Players share a common deck.
The deck contains three types of cards: Unit, Tactics, and Strategy.
The deck contains one of each of the cards described in the lists.

Each player starts with 100 points of troops.
Use change to keep track of troop points.

Reduce your opponents troop total to zero.

Each player is dealt 7 cards.
Flip a coin to see who goes first.

Players take turns. Each turn has 4 Phases:
1. Deploy Phase
2. Attack Phase
3. Casualty Phase
4. Maneuver Phase

Draw 3 cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.
Leader or Action Cards may be discarded to draw extra cards equal to the cards force.
A Light Infantry or a Cavalry unit card may be discarded to look at your opponent’s hand.
Artillery Unit and Tactics cards may be discarded to cause your opponent to discard one
Random card on a one to one basis.

You may choose to attack or not to attack.
Your opponent may discard an “Enemy Blunder” Card to prevent 
you from attacking this turn. 
To attack play one Unit card face up on the table.
You may play more than one Unit card, but they must all be of the same type.
For example: They must all be Light Infantry, or all Artillery, but not a mix of both.
Your opponent may discard an Infantry Unit card to cause a Cavalry 
unit just played to be discarded.
Your opponent may discard a Light Infantry Unit card to cause an Artillery 
unit just played to be discarded.
Your opponent may discard an Artillery Unit card to cause an Infantry unit just 
played to be discarded.
Your opponent may discard a Cavalry Unit card to cause a Light Infantry unit just 
played to be discarded.
Your opponent may discard a Terrain card to cause any attacking unit just played to
be discarded.
If any attacking unit cards remain, you may also play: 
1.) Tactics cards if they match the unit type.
2.) One Strategy card of each of the five types.
For Example: Play one Morale and one Action card, but not two Morale cards.

Add up the value of all the cards you played.
Add two to your total for each card you played in excess of 5.
This total is the number of casualties inflicted on your opponent.
Your opponent loses that many troop points.
Your opponent may discard a Morale card to reduce casualties by half.

If you did not attack this turn you may discard up to 2 cards and draw replacements.
Maximum hand size is 10 cards.
Discard excess cards.

IU = Infantry Unit
LU = Light Infantry Unit
CU = Cavalry Unit
AU = Artillery Unit
IT = Infantry Tactic
LT = Light Infantry Tactic
CT = Cavalry Tactic
AT = Artillery Tactic
LS = Leader Strategy
MS = Morale Strategy
AS = Action Strategy
TS = Terrain Strategy
EB = Enemy Blunder

Card Name       		Type	Force    
Grenadiers      		IU	3
Musketeers      		IU	2
Old Guard       		IU	3
Young Guard     		IU	2
Sappers         		IU	1
Gendarmes       		IU	1
Grognards		IU	3
Fusiliers		IU	1
Highlanders     		IU	2
Troopers			IU	2
Riflemen 		LU	3
Partisans       		LU	2
Legere         		LU	2
Voltigeurs      		LU	3
Skirmishers     		LU	2
Landwehr        		LU	1
Cacadores       		LU	2
Militia			LU	1
Scouts			LU	1
Jagers             	LU	3
Cuirassier      		CU	3
Chasseurs       		CU	1
Mamelukes       		CU	2
Cossacks        		CU	2
Carabiners      		CU	2
Uhlans          		CU	3
Dragoons        		CU	1
Lancers         		CU	3
Reiter			CU	1
Hussars         		CU	2
Howitzers       		AU	3
Mortars         		AU	2
Horse Artillery 		AU	1
Gun Battery     		AU	3
Field Pieces    		AU	2
Congreve Rockets 	AU	1
Ordnance			AU	2
6-Pounders		AU	1
Carronade		AU	2	
12-Pounders		AU	3

Card Name:       		Type	Force    
Square Formation     		IT	3
Volley Fire	         	IT	2
Fire at Will              	IT	1
Disciplined Firepower      	IT	3
Frontal Assault           	IT	1
Bayonets	           		IT	2
Fusillade                 	IT	2
Fire Drill                	IT	2
Sabers & Pistols          	CT	1
Charge!               		CT	2
Wheel About               	CT	2
Overrun                   	CT	3
Attack Column             	CT	2
Hit & Run			CT	1
Flank Attack			CT	3
Pursuit				CT	2
Rapid Deployment          	LT	2
Probe                     	LT	1
Screen                    	LT	1
Sharpshooters     		LT	3
Cover of Woods			LT	3
Crossfire              		LT	2
Absorb Enemy Fire		LT	2
Harassment			LT	2
Limber                    	AT	1
Canister                  	AT	3
Round Shot                	AT	2
Cannon Ball               	AT	2
Shrapnel                  	AT	1
Spherical Case            	AT	2
Enfilade Fire             	AT	3
Bombardment            		AT	2

Card Name         		Type	Force    
Musicians			LS	2
Captain				LS	3
Corporal 			LS	1
Lieutenant               	LS	2
Quartermaster	          	LS	2
High Morale			MS	2
Esprit de Corps           	MS	3
Elite Units			MS	2
Discipline			MS	2
Rally     			MS	1
Rearguard Action          	AS	2
Refuse Flank           		AS	2
Counter Attack         		AS	2
Encirclement			AS	3
Cover Retreat			AS	1
Blocking Terrain 		TS	2
Redoubt                   	TS	3
Low Wall                  	TS	2
High Ground               	TS	2
Reverse Slope     		TS	1
Lost Cohesion			EB	2
Conscripts			EB	2
Lost Orders			EB	2
Pinned Down			EB	1
Broken				EB	3


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