TDO Adventures…
RPG Variant of TDO…
One player is the Game Master (GM). 
The other players are Planeswalkers adventuring together.

The GM must prepare Theme Decks plus: 
8 Boxes of Random Cards for Drafting:
1 Box for each color, 1 Box of Lands (Basic & Multi), 
1 Box of multicolor cards, 1 Box of Artifacts
Each box will have mixed rarities. 

1D10	Box
1. 	Red
2. 	White
3. 	Blue
4. 	Green
5. 	Black
6. 	Multicolor
7. 	Artifact
8. 	Land
9. 	Pick one of the above
0. 	Reroll

The Game Master uses Theme Decks as described by the 
Theme Deck Odyssey Format Rules Mainpage: 
MTG TDO	Theme Deck Odyssey Format

Each player gets a stockpile of cards. 
There is no limit on the size of the stockpile. 
A starting stockpile starts with 10 random cards from each of the 5 colors, 
10 basic lands of each type, 10 random artifacts, and 10 random multicolor cards. 
Each Player uses their stockpile cards to make a Planeswalker Deck (PWD). 
A PWD has exactly 100 cards.

Players team up to defeat the GM. 
The GM starts each battle with Life = 10 plus 10 per player.
After a victory against a GM Theme Deck, each player gets 
1D6 Treasures (TZ) and 1D6 Experience Points (XP). 
After a battle (not just before) players can swap out 
cards between their stockpile and their deck.
The GM determines what the planeswalkers encounter, or 
he can have them draw a random card from the Adventure Deck:

Island Hopping: Players must fight a Blue Deck
Stuck in a Swamp: Players must fight a Black Deck
Traversing the Plains: Players must fight a White Deck
Scale a Mountain: Players must fight a Red Deck
Lost in the Forest: Players must fight a Green Deck
Trouble in the City: Players must fight a Multi-color Deck
Advance the Plot: Fight a Theme Deck of GM’s Choice
Looking for Trouble: Fight a Theme Deck of Players Choice
Boss Fight: Theme Deck of GM’s choice. GM has +10 Life 
Dissension in the Ranks: Players fight each other in a Free For All. All get 1D6 XP
Goblin Invasion: Players must fight a Goblin Deck
Night of the Zombies: Players must fight a Zombie Deck
Troubled Waters: Players must fight a Merfolk Deck
Pursued by Wolves: Players must fight a Wolf Deck
Bazaar: Players get 1 random card from one random box for 5 TZ
Alchemist: Players may discard a card to draw a card from any box for 3 TZ
Mentor: Players get 1D6 XP each
Temple of Power: Players may swap out 1 Power card for 5 TZ
Kithkin Allies: Search White Box for a Kithkin Card; 1 random player gets it
Soldier Allies: Search White Box for a Soldier Card; 1 random player gets it
Forest Allies: Search Green Box for an Elf Card; 1 Random player gets it
Long Journey: Each player may draw a random land card for 3 XP
Artificer: Players get 1 random card from Artifact box for 5 TZ
Thieves: Each Player loses 1D6 TZ
Rumors: Players can swap cards between Deck and Stockpile before next battle
Difficult Journey: Each player has 1D6 less life for next battle
Wizard School: Players may convert TZ into XP, on a 1 to 1 basis
Tavern: Look at next 3 cards in Adventure Deck. Each player spends 1 TZ

Players should name their planeswalker self. 
At the GM's Option, each player should get 1 Creature Bonus Ability. This gives 
creatures of that race/class +1/+1. Examples would include: Humans, Elves, Goblins, 
Merfolk, Minotaurs, Giants, Wizards, Soldiers, Rogues, Dragons, Golems, etc. 

After winning a Battle (Their Decks vs the GM’s Deck) each player gets 
1D6 Treasures (TZ) and 1D6 Experience Points (XP).
Players may give each other Treasure but not Experience Points. 
A player can store any number of Treasures. 
A player can store a maximum of 10 Experience points. If he gains more, he 
Must spend the excess immediately or lose it. 

Cost	Purchase:
5	Draw 1 random card from target Box of your Choice
2	Discard a card you just drew to draw another from same Box
3	Discard any card from your Stockpile to Draw 1 random card from target Box of your Choice
1	Next Battle start with 1 Basic Land in play of your Choice
1	Next Battle start with 5 extra Life
1	Next Battle draw 1 extra card in your starting hand. 

Treasure can be spent like XP’s, however Treasure can only be spent at certain times and 
Locations and often for very limited purposes. 

The GM will have the advantage of tight premade theme decks AND the ability to make up the 
rules as he goes along. The GM's word is final in all disputes. 
The other players will have the advantage of their numbers. 
The GM will probably want to limit players access to color hosing and land killing cards.
If all the players make Mill decks, the GM might find this problematic as well. 
Because the GM has most of his cards already in his theme decks, the 
Pool of cards available to the players will probably be skewed to be underpowered. 
If the players get too powerful, the GM can shift the balance by giving himself
Advantages such as extra turns, starting lands, extra cards, extra life, etc.  
depending on the scenario. 

The GM gets 1 roll on the GM Power Table (before the battle) for each extra 
planeswalker player after the first:

1D10	Power:
1	10 extra Life
2	Draw 1 extra card on each of your turns
3	Put 1 extra land in play on each of your turns
4	Start game with 1 basic Land (from deck) in play
5	Hand Size +1 and start game with 1 extra card in hand
6	Take an extra attack phase on each of your turns
7	Start with 1 non-land card in play
8	Untap your lands 1 extra time during each of your turns
9	Once per game, you may shuffle your discard into your deck
10	Once per game, you may counter any target spell for free

BGG TDO	List of Theme Decks!

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