Variant Format for the Magic The Gathering Collectible Card Game.
This format is essentially about using all the cards you own to make a large 
Collection of 40 card decks with a plethora of very tight themes. 
As opposed to many other formats this variant encourages Short games, 
Milling, Super over-powered combos, and Blowouts. 
This format should offer a nice mix of quick (deck) drafting along with 
a variety of pre-constructed decks.

Visit Board Game Geek to view a selection of deck themes:
BGG TDO	Click Here!

1. All Decks require a theme (in the spirit of...). Each deck needs a name. 
2. In a given playing session only one of the players (the Host) 
provides all the decks to be used by all the players. This is to
reduce Questions of ownership or other foul play that may 
come up later. The Hosts collection of Decks to be used is known as the "Codex". 
3. The codex should contain 5 - 12 Decks. At least as many as there 
are players. Just like a Deck, each Codex should have its own personality. 
4. Decks are distributed/drafted per the rules of the particular Codex.
5. Decks are 40 cards. All cards are legal. Max 4 per deck. 
Most cards that are banned or restricted limit to 1 per deck. No Ante cards. 
The Host should endeavor to make all the decks at similar power levels. 

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