Scenario for WarpQuest.
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Each player takes the role of a child visitor to the Wondrous World of Oz.

The board spaces represent distance and time.
There is only one Module.
The track is 30 spaces long.
There is no “Artifact”. 
The first player to reach the end space finds a way home & wins.
(or accomplishes some other goal.)

Each Child starts with 5 Traits and one Starting Companion.
Roll on the Trait Table to see what Traits you get.
Roll on the Starting Companion Table to see what Companion you get.
Each skill corresponds to one type of Challenge Roll.

1D6		Trait:
1-2		Brains +1          
3-4		Courage +1	
5-6		Heart +1

1D6	Companion:		Notes:
1	Toto the Dog		Courage +1          
2	Hank the Mule		Heart +1
3	Billina the Yellow Hen	Heart +1
4	Eureka the Pink Kitten	Brains +1
5-6	Pick one	

If you fail a Challenge, discard a Companion or go back 1D6 spaces.

If you land on another players Pawn, they lose their next turn.

Name:					Notes:
Munchkins				Move forward 1D6 spaces
The Tin Man				Companion: Heart +1
The Scarecrow				Companion: Brain +1
The Cowardly Lion			Companion: Courage +1
Toto the Dog				Companion: Courage +1
The Emerald City			Move forward 1D6 spaces
Follow the Yellow Brick Road		Move forward 1D6 spaces
Flying Monkeys				Courage Challenge (Go back 2D6 if you fail)
The Wizard of Oz			You must pass a Heart, Courage, and Brains Challenge
Twister					Brains Challenge of Difficulty +1
The Wicked Witch of the West		Heart Challenge of Difficulty +2
The Wicked Witch of the East		Heart Challenge
Glenda the Good Witch			Aid card: Discard for +2 to a Heart Challenge
Balloon Ride				Move forward 1D6 spaces
Ruby Slippers				Move forward 1D6 spaces
Lotus Flowers				Brains Challenge (Miss next turn if you fail)
Crows					Courage Challenge
Bad Weather				Courage Challenge
Lost in the Woods			Brains Challenge
Rescue Companion			Brains Challenge*
Jack Pumpkin Head			Companion: Brain +1
General Jinjur				Heart Challenge
Scraps the Patchwork Girl		Companion: Heart +1
Scavenger Hunt				Brains Challenge of Difficulty +2
The Powder of Life			Take a Companion from the discard 
Roquat the Red (The Nome King)		Courage Challenge of Difficulty +2
Princess Ozma				Companion: Courage +1
Tik Tok the Mechanical Man		Companion: Brains +1
Stand Trial				Brains Challenge of Difficulty +1
Cold Heartless Vegetable People		Heart Challenge
* = If successful, take a Companion from the discard

Famous Forty Cannon Read all the book descriptions in order

The Oz series includes 40 books.
I would love to read these and add material to the card lists.
The above card list is based on the first book and tidbits 
From some of the other books.


I only bothered because you clearly mentioned that your sources were from 
the books and not the 1936 MGM FIlm, so please allow me:

Glinda (not Glenda, thats from MGM)

Winged Monkeys (not Flying (MGM))


No Lotus flowers in the Oz series... definitely poppies though.

The vegetable people are called Mangaboo's

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