Scenario for WarpQuest. 
Click here for the WarpQuest Core Rules.
Simulation of the Charge of the Light Brigade, 
the final phase of battle of Balaclava in 1854.
Conversion of the “Charge of the Light Brigade” game in the Solo section.

The player controls a British cavalry group of 12 men known as a ‘Troop’.
All men are mounted on horses. All men are armed with a sword.
One of the men is the Captain, the leader of the troop.
Another man is the Trumpeter.
The other 10 men are referred to as riders.
There are 3 types of Troops: Dragoons, Hussars, and Lancers.
Pick which type you want your troop to be.
Your Troop has 6 random skills. Roll on the Troop Skill Table:

1D6     	Skill Type: 		
1       	Speed +1         	
2       	Ride +1 	
3       	Morale +1    	 
4       	Trooper +1     	
5       	Fight  +1      	
6       	Tough +1           	
Dragoons get an additional Speed +1
Hussars get an additional Morale +1
Lancers get an additional Fight +1

Add your Speed score to your Movement Roll.

Every time you fail a challenge you lose one man, unless the 
Card directions include the instruction (safe) or otherwise instructed.
Lost includes: Killed, routed, stopped, wounded, lost horse, run ahead, fall behind, etc.

There are two Modules:
The First is the “Charge”.
The Second is the “Russian Gun Battery”.
There is no ‘Artifact’. 
When you reach the end space, you must turn around and make the return trip.

Card Name:			Notes:
Spur				Aid: Ride +1 or Fight +1
Horsemanship			Aid: Ride +1
Steady Pace			Aid: Ride +1 
Discipline			Aid: Morale +1
Rally 				Aid: Morale +1
Trumpeter			Aid: Morale +1
Captain				Aid: Morale +1
Stiff Upper Lip			Aid: Tough +1
Merely a Flesh Wound		Aid: Tough +1
Momentum			Aid: Tough +1
Leadership			Aid: Morale +1
Close Up Files			Aid: Ride +1
Blown Horse			Ride x2
Flat & Level			Ride x2(safe). If successful Move forward 1D6
Flat & Even 			Ride x2(safe). If successful Move forward 1D6
Trot				Ride x2(safe). If successful Move forward 1D6
Gallop				Ride x2(safe). If successful Move forward 1D6
Panicked Horses			Ride x2. If you fail go back 1D6 spaces, DM +1
Riderless Mount			Ride x2(safe). If successful gain 1 Trooper
Morale Test			Morale x2
Break Morale			Morale x2
Heavy Casualties		Morale x2
Gaps in the Line		Morale x2
Carnage				Morale x2
Officer Down			Morale x2
Stragglers			Morale x2. (safe) If successful gain one Trooper
Survivors			Morale x2. (safe) If successful gain one Trooper
Charge Falters 			Morale x2. If you fail go back 1D6 spaces
Retreat 			Morale x2. If you fail go back 1D6 spaces
Hesitate			Morale x2. If you fail go back 1D6 spaces
Hurried				Morale x2
Wounded Man             	Ride x2. If you fail go back 1D6 spaces
Dead Horse                    	Ride x2. If you fail go back 1D6 spaces
Uneven Ground        		Ride x2. If you fail go back 1D6 spaces
Corpse               		Ride x2. If you fail go back 1D6 spaces, DM -1
Running the Gauntlet            Ride x2. If you fail go back 1D6 spaces, DM -1
Smoke & Dust                   	Ride x2. If you fail go back 1D6 spaces, DM -1
Cannon Fire			Tough & Morale
Double Canister         	Tough x2, DM +2
Canister                	Tough x2, DM +2
Round Shot              	Tough x2
Cannon Ball            		Tough x2
Exploding Shell        		Tough & Morale, DM -2
Shrapnel               		Tough x2, DM -2
Musket Fire     		Tough & Morale
Shot, Shell & Grape		Tough & Morale
Musket Volley   		Tough x2, DM +1
Fusillade			Tough x2, DM +1
Musketry			Tough x2
Fire at Will			Tough x2
Salvo at Point Blank Range	Tough x2
Concentrated Crossfire		Tough x2
Unhorsed			Ride x2
Murderous Fire			Tough x2
Musket Balls			Tough x2
Rifle Shot           		Tough x2
Wounded				Tough & Morale
Horse Shot from under him	Tough & Morale

Card Name:			Notes:
Officer with Saber             	Fighting x2, DM +1
Cossacks              		Fighting & Horsemanship, DM +2
Russian Cavalry 		Fighting x2
Lancers                  	Fighting & Horsemanship
Greatcoats          		Fighting x2
Brave Artilleryman   		Fighting x2, DM -1
Cowering Gunner			Fighting x2, DM -2
Infantry			Fighting x2
Exhaustion			Tough x2
Fear				Morale x2
Russian Reserves		Fighting x2, DM -1
Surrender Offer			Morale x2
Complete Confusion		Morale x2
Take Prisoners			Morale x2
Melee				Fighting & Tough
Line of Bayonets		Fighting & Morale
Hopelessly Outnumbered		Fighting & Morale
Bravery				Aid: Morale +1
Charge				Aid: Fighting +1
Steadfast			Aid: Morale +1
Hold them Back			Aid: Morale +1
Scatter the Russians		Aid: Fighting +1
Sabres				Aid: Fighting +1
Pistols				Aid: Fighting +1
Lances				Aid: Fighting +1

Get 2 points for every man that makes it back.
Get 1 point for every Challenge successfully overcome.

Of the 673 men who went into action 113 were killed and 247 wounded.

For a variant of this game click here:
Charge of the Light Brigade



Warp Quest is an abstract game system that depicts goal driven 

Each player controls a collection of Units who are attempting to 
be the first to reach an objective and bring it back to the start. 

The units could be a party of adventuring archeologists hoping 
to recover a lost artifact, a squadron of bombers attempting to 
hit a military target and return home, a band of samurai seeking 
to vanquish marauding bandits or a company of mixed creatures 
seeking to destroy a piece of evil ornamental jewelry that has 
the nasty habit of trying to control the minds of all free creatures.

The scenarios that use the Warp Quest engine will hold the details.

· Six and ten sided dice are needed.
· Each player has a pawn to represent his or her group of Units
(adventuring party, fleet, etc.) on the board. 
· Use a small trinket to represent the Objective. 
· There is only one Objective.

· The board is a single winding path of connected spaces 
with a Start Space and an End Space. The path should be 30 Spaces long.
· The First Space represents the start.
· Spaces 2-15 represents travel through the first scenario module.
· Spaces 16-29 represents travel through the second scenario module.
· The End Space is the final destination where the Objective is found.

· There are 2 decks for each scenario:
· The Module 1 Deck and the Module 2 Deck.
· Each deck has one of each card in its card list.
· There may also be an Aid deck.

· Each player controls a group of units called a Party. 
The scenarios will detail the make up of the units in the party, 
their attributes (Skills, Traits) and starting dispositions.

· Players take turns.
· Each turn consists of 3 phases:
1. Move Phase
2. Draw Phase
3. Challenge Phase

· Roll 1D6. Move your pawn that number of spaces towards the end space.
· You automatically stop when you enter the end space.
· If you are the first to land on the end space your party acquires the Objective.
· Once a party has acquired the Objective then all other 
players may move their parties in either direction on the path. 
· The party with the Objective must move towards the start space. 
· The first pawn with the Objective to reach the start space wins the game.

· If you land on an empty space in spaces 2-15 draw a card from the Module 1 deck.
· If you land on an empty space in spaces 16-29 draw a card from the Module 2 deck.
· If you land on an opponent’s party do not draw a card.
· If a deck ever runs out, shuffle its discard and draw from it.
· Cards are of 2 types: Challenge cards & Aid cards.
· Place Aid cards in your hand.
· Challenge cards are encounters your party faces immediately in Challenge Phase.

Each challenge card lists one or more skills.
Your party will have to make a skill check vs each skill listed.  
(The same skill may be listed twice or more, requiring that many skill checks)
A Skill check consists of a Skill roll and Challenge Roll:
Roll 1D10. This is the Skill roll.
Add the skill bonuses of your party members to the roll. 
You may discard Aid cards for further bonuses to the skill roll. 
Next roll 1D10. This is the Challenge roll. 
Some Challenges have a DM (Difficulty Modifier). Add the DM to the Challenge Roll. 
If the challenge roll is less than or equal to the skill roll you win the Skill check.
If the challenge roll is greater than the skill roll you fail the Challenge.
If you win all the Skill Checks, you win the Challenge. 
The adventure card may say what happens if you win or lose the Challenge. 
If the card does not give directions, then roll on the following table:
If you lose the challenge: Roll 1D6: (Challenge Loss Table)
1-4	Go back 1D6 spaces
5-6	Lose 1 Unit (Man, Ship, Hit Point, etc., depending on the Scenario)
If you Win the challenge gain 1 Experience Token. 
You may spend an Experience Token to let you reroll a Move Roll or a Skill Roll.

· If you land on an opponent’s pawn there will be a fight.
· The current player rolls on the Skill List Table to determine 
which skill will decide the confrontation. 
· Both players make Skill Rolls. In case of a tie nothing happens.
· The loser rolls on the Challenge Loss Table.
· The winner takes the Artifact from the loser if the loser was 
in possession of the Artifact.

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