INTRODUCTION Scenario for WarpQuest. Click here for the WarpQuest Core Rules. Each player controls a Greek Hero on a Quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece. YOUR HERO Each player has one Hero (Pawn). A Hero has 6 skills. Heroes are Male (The Woman skill is actually an advantage). Roll on the Main Hero Skill Table to see what skills the Hero gets MAIN HERO SKILL TABLE 1D6 Skill: 1 Wit +2 2 Strength +2 3 Archer +2 4 Sword +2 5 Navigation +2 6 Roll on Minor Skill Table... MINOR HERO SKILL TABLE 1D6 Skill: 1-2 Healing +2 3-4 Music +2 5-6 Swift +2 Notes: There are other skills such as flying, woman, gold, etc. that can only be acquired through relics & companions & blessings. MODULES There is no Module 1 and Module 2. There is just one Module. The ‘Artifact’ is the Golden Fleece. Whoever controls the Golden Fleece gains Healing +4 and Gold +4 FOES & TESTS These are the Challenge cards. If you fail a Challenge you must either discard a Companion or go back 2D6 spaces. RELICS, COMPANIONS, & BLESSINGS Treat Blessings like regular Aid cards. They are used once and discarded. Relics and Companions stay in play permanently. CHALLENGE DECK CARD LIST Card Name: Notes: Centaurs Foe: Music or Wine or Sword Chimaera Foe: Wit or Flying (Petrification) Cyclops Foe: Wit or Archer or Wine (Blind him) Dragon Foe: Archer (Locate the soft spot) Gorgon Foe: Wit (Medusa) Harpy Foe: Sword or Archer (Screeching) Hydra Foe: Strength, Wit (Regenerating heads) Lion Foe: Music or Strength or Healing (Thorn in paw) Minotaur Foe: Wit or Music (In Maze) Sphinx Foe: Wit (Riddle) Griffon Foe: Music or Sword or Blessing of Prometheus Sirens Foe: Wit or Navigation or Flying (Song) Sea Serpent Foe: Navigation or Strength or Flying Kraken Foe: Flying or Navigation (Giant Sea Monster) Hecatoncheire Foe: Sword or Blessing (100 Handed Giant) Antaeus the Giant Foe: Strength (He is weak if not touching ground) Cerebus Foe: Strength or Wit (3-Headed dog Guards underworld) Erymanthian Boar Foe: Strength or Swift or Wit Stymphalian Birds Foe: Archer or Wit Cretan Bull Foe: Wit or Strength Ceynean hind Foe: Swift or Wit Diomedes wild mares Foe: Wit or Swift (flesh eaters) King Midas Foe: Wit (His touch turns all to gold) Satyr Foe: Wit or Gold or Wine or Music (Half man, half goat) Nymph Foe: Strength or Woman (Seduces men) Circe Foe: Wit or Woman (Sorceress, turns men into pigs) Pirates Foe: Sword or Gold or Wine or Wit or Navigation Lepers Foe: Healing or Music (Spread their disease) Philosophers Foe: Wit (Argue with the Sophists) Lotus Eaters Foe: Wit or Healing or Music (Powerful Drug) Amazons Foe: Woman or Wit (Seduce their Queen) Aphrodite Foe: Woman (Goddess of Love) Hypnus Foe: Companions (God of Sleep) Oceanus Foe: Navigation or Demigod (Titan of the Sea) Duel Foe: Sword Wrath of the Furies Foe: Blessing Cursed by a God Foe: Blessing Olympic Games Test: Swift or Strong Long Journey Test: Navigation or Swift or Flying Labyrinth Test: Wit or Swift Whirlpool Test: Navigation or Flying Shipwreck Test: Navigation or Flying Lost at Sea Test: Navigation or Flying Augean Stables Test: Wit or Strength Gold of Midas Relic: Gold +4 (Discard after 3 uses) Wine of Dionysus Relic: Wine +4 (Discard after 3 uses) Nectar of the Gods Relic: Wine +4 (Discard after 3 uses) Blade of Hephaestus Relic: Sword +2 Lyre of Apollo Relic: Music +2 Owl of Athena Relic: Wit +2 Aegis Shield Relic: Defeats all Foes (Return to Zeus in 5 Turns) Arm-band of Zeus Relic: Strength +2 Winged Sandals Relic: Flying +4 (Gift of Hermes) Helm of Invisibility Relic: Defeats all Foes (Return to Hades in 5 Turns) The Argos Relic: Navigation +2 (Legendary Ship) Lightning Javelins Relic: Archer +2 (Discard after 3 uses) Wings of Icarus Relic: Flying +4 Cornucopia of Demeter Relic: Sword +2 (Ambrosia feeds Army) Hyppolita's golden girdle Relic: Gold +4, Healing +2 (Gift of queen of the Amazons) Pan's Flute Relic: Music +2 Hesperides garden Apples Relic: Healing +2 (Discard after 3 uses) Ancient Mariner Companion: Navigation +2 Scholar Companion: Wit +2 Pegasus Companion: Flying +4 Poseidon's Gift Horse Companion: Swift +2 Temple Maiden Companion: Woman +2, Healing +2 White Eagle of Zeus Companion: Flying +2 Phoenician Mercenaries Companion: Sword +2 Argonauts Companion: Sword +2 Promethean Clay Companion: Any one skill +2 (Pick at Draw) Idmon (seer of Argos) Companion: Wit +2 Helena Companion: Woman +4 Andromeda Companion: Woman +4 Persian War Foe: Sword or Navigation Amazon War Foe: Sword or Archery Trojan War Foe: Sword or Wit Peloponesian War Foe: Sword or Navigation Pandoras Box Shuffle discards into deck Visit Oracle at Delphi Look at next 7 cards in Deck Made King Target Hero gains skill of Gold +4 Blessing of Kronos Aid: Move Forward 1D6 Spaces or Blessing +4 Blessing of Poseidon Aid: Navigation +2 or Blessing +4 Blessing of Atlas Aid: Strength +2 or Blessing +4 Blessing of Hermes Aid: Swift +2 or Blessing +4 Blessing of Nike Aid: Sword +2 or Blessing +4 Blessing of Prometheus Aid: Wit +2 or Blessing +4 Blessing of Hera Aid: Healing +2 or Blessing +4 Blessing of Pan Aid: Music +2 or Blessing +4 Blessing of Apollo Aid: Music +2 or Blessing +4 Blessing of Ares Aid: Sword +2 or Blessing +4 Blessing of Athena Aid: Woman +2 or Blessing +4 Blessing of Artemis Aid: Archer +2 or Blessing +4 Blessing of Asclepius Aid: Healing +2 or Blessing +4 Blessing of Tyche Aid: Move Forward 1D6 Spaces or Blessing +4 Visit Olympus Move Forward 1D6 Spaces Child of Zeus Hero gains Demigod +4 Hermes, God of Thieves Discard one Relic Eris, Goddess of Strife Discard one Companion Inspired by the Muses Aid: Move Forward 1D6 Spaces NOTES This is a conversion of Agea. ********************* INTRODUCTION Warp Quest is an abstract game system that depicts goal driven scenarios. Each player controls a collection of Units who are attempting to be the first to reach an objective and bring it back to the start. The units could be a party of adventuring archeologists hoping to recover a lost artifact, a squadron of bombers attempting to hit a military target and return home, a band of samurai seeking to vanquish marauding bandits or a company of mixed creatures seeking to destroy a piece of evil ornamental jewelry that has the nasty habit of trying to control the minds of all free creatures. The scenarios that use the Warp Quest engine will hold the details. DICE & PIECES · Six and ten sided dice are needed. · Each player has a pawn to represent his or her group of Units (adventuring party, fleet, etc.) on the board. · Use a small trinket to represent the Objective. · There is only one Objective. THE BOARD · The board is a single winding path of connected spaces with a Start Space and an End Space. The path should be 30 Spaces long. · The First Space represents the start. · Spaces 2-15 represents travel through the first scenario module. · Spaces 16-29 represents travel through the second scenario module. · The End Space is the final destination where the Objective is found. THE DECKS · There are 2 decks for each scenario: · The Module 1 Deck and the Module 2 Deck. · Each deck has one of each card in its card list. · There may also be an Aid deck. THE UNITS · Each player controls a group of units called a Party. The scenarios will detail the make up of the units in the party, their attributes (Skills, Traits) and starting dispositions. TURN SEQUENCE · Players take turns. · Each turn consists of 3 phases: 1. Move Phase 2. Draw Phase 3. Challenge Phase MOVE PHASE · Roll 1D6. Move your pawn that number of spaces towards the end space. · You automatically stop when you enter the end space. · If you are the first to land on the end space your party acquires the Objective. · Once a party has acquired the Objective then all other players may move their parties in either direction on the path. · The party with the Objective must move towards the start space. · The first pawn with the Objective to reach the start space wins the game. DRAW PHASE · If you land on an empty space in spaces 2-15 draw a card from the Module 1 deck. · If you land on an empty space in spaces 16-29 draw a card from the Module 2 deck. · If you land on an opponent’s party do not draw a card. · If a deck ever runs out, shuffle its discard and draw from it. · Cards are of 2 types: Challenge cards & Aid cards. · Place Aid cards in your hand. · Challenge cards are encounters your party faces immediately in Challenge Phase. CHALLENGE PHASE Each challenge card lists one or more skills. Your party will have to make a skill check vs each skill listed. (The same skill may be listed twice or more, requiring that many skill checks) A Skill check consists of a Skill roll and Challenge Roll: Roll 1D10. This is the Skill roll. Add the skill bonuses of your party members to the roll. You may discard Aid cards for further bonuses to the skill roll. Next roll 1D10. This is the Challenge roll. Some Challenges have a DM (Difficulty Modifier). Add the DM to the Challenge Roll. If the challenge roll is less than or equal to the skill roll you win the Skill check. If the challenge roll is greater than the skill roll you fail the Challenge. If you win all the Skill Checks, you win the Challenge. The adventure card may say what happens if you win or lose the Challenge. If the card does not give directions, then roll on the following table: If you lose the challenge: Roll 1D6: (Challenge Loss Table) 1-4 Go back 1D6 spaces 5-6 Lose 1 Unit (Man, Ship, Hit Point, etc., depending on the Scenario) If you Win the challenge gain 1 Experience Token. You may spend an Experience Token to let you reroll a Move Roll or a Skill Roll. MOVING ONTO AN OPPONENTS PAWN · If you land on an opponent’s pawn there will be a fight. · The current player rolls on the Skill List Table to determine which skill will decide the confrontation. · Both players make Skill Rolls. In case of a tie nothing happens. · The loser rolls on the Challenge Loss Table. · The winner takes the Artifact from the loser if the loser was in possession of the Artifact.

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