INTRODUCTION Card game for 2 players. Simulation of a Pistol Duel circa 1700+ VICTORY Victory Determination: You are Killed: Major Defeat You are Wounded: Minor Defeat Opponent Wounded: Minor Victory Opponent Killed: Major Victory SETUP Duelists agree to one of the following: One Shot, Multiple Shots (2,3,or 4), First Blood, Death They may also forgo the Speed element of the Duel and Allow the Challenged to fire first. THE DECK Players share a common deck. There are 4 suites of cards: 1. Speed 2. Aim 3. Range 4. Hit Each Suit has 13 cards of numerical value from 1 to 13 THE DUEL Each player is dealt 9 cards: 5 face-down and 4 face-up. Each player can discard up to 4 face-down cards and draw replacements. Players reveal their hands: The player with the greatest total Speed fires first. (In a tie, both fire simultaneously) When firing, if your total Aim is greater than the opponent’s total Range, the shot hits. If the Range Total is greater, the shot misses. If your shot hits, compare your total Hits to your opponent’s total Hits. If his Hit total is equal or more than your Hit total, you have wounded him. If your Hit total is greater than his, you have killed him. Discard all played cards. WOUNDS For each wound a Duelist has recieved, he is dealt one less face-down card and can discard one less face-down card. For example: with one wound the player is dealt 8 cards: 4 face-down and 4 face-up. He can discard up to 3 face-down cards and draw replacements. THE DUELISTS Feraud – Aim cards get +1 D’Hubert – Speed cards get +1 Cassagnac – May use a Range card as a Speed card Fortou – Hit cards get +1 Gambetta – Opponent may only discard and replace up to 3 cards Jean Luc - Ignores first wound LINKS Wikipedia French Code Famous Duels Book Academy Twain Movie

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