INTRODUCTION Scenario for WarpQuest. Based on the movie Constantine, which was based on the comic Hellblazer. Click here for the WarpQuestCore Rules. Each player is a Demon-Hunter/Exorcist. THE SCENARIO There is only one Module. The track is 50 spaces long. The last represents the culmination of an infernal plot. The first player to the last space foils the plot and wins the game. HUNTER ATTRIBUTES Each Hunter has the following traits: Hit Points (10) Psychic (+0) Contacts (+0) Willpower (+0) Combat (+0) Morality (+0) Roll 10 times on the Hunter Attribute Table to see what Bonuses you get. HUNTER ATTRIBUTE TABLE 1D6 Trait Bonus 1 Hit Points +1 2 Psychic +1 3 Contacts +1 4 Willpower +1 5 Combat +1 6 Morality +1 HIT POINTS If you are reduced to zero Hits you must go back to start. (In a solo game, you lose) LANDING ON ANOTHER HUNTER If land on an opposing Hunters pawn, steal a Weapon or Companion, or send them back 1D6 spaces. FIGHT CHALLENGE If you lose a Fight Challenge you must discard a Companion or Weapon or Lose 1D6 Hits. INFO CHALLENGE If you succeed in an Info Challenge, you move forwards 1D6 spaces and Do not have to draw a card. MENTAL CHALLENGE If you fail Mental Challenge, you move backwards 1D6 spaces and Do not have to draw a card. WEAPONS AND COMPANIONS These are a type of Aid card that stays in play after it is revealed and Give your Hunter a continuous bonus. CARD LIST Name: Challenge: Screech Beetle Aid: Combat +5 Vermin Man Fight: Combat & Willpower Check the Scrolls Info: Contact or Psychic Theological Society Info: Contact Club Midnight Info: Contact I Command Thee Aid: Willpower +5 Sulfur Demon Fight: Combat & Morality Apprentice Companion: Fight +1 Psychic Cop Companion: Psychic +1 Omen Info: Psychic Flashback Mental: Willpower Lost Faith Mental: Morality Holy Shotgun Weapon: Combat +1 Holy Water Ampules Aid: Combat +5 Prayer Aid: Morality +5 Exorcism Fight: Willpower & Morality & Psychic Lucifer Fight: Morality X3 Handgun Aid: Combat +5 Sunlight Aid: Willpower +2 or Morality +2 Cross of Isteria Aid: Morality +5 Amulet of Protection Weapon: Morality +1 Taxi Driver Companion: Contact +1 Priest Companion: Morality +1 Possession Fight: Willpower & Morality & Psychic Mirror Trap Aid: Psychic +5 Dragons Breath Aid: Combat +5 Demon Half-breed Fight: Combat & Morality & Willpower Doctor Gain back 1D6 lost Hit Points The Fallen Fight: Combat & Morality Soldier Demon Fight: (Combat & Willpower) or (Morality & Psychic) Purveyor of Relics Info: Contacts Voodoo Magic Aid: Psychic +5 Vision of Hell Info: Psychic Police Reports Info: Contacts Investigation Info: Contacts Devils Foot Soldiers Fight: Combat & Morality Blessed Ammunition Aid: Combat +5 All Seeing Eye Info: Contact or Psychic Catholic Sacraments Aid: Morality +5 Belief Aid: Morality +5 Self-Sacrifice Aid: Morality +5 Gift of Sight Info: Psychic Weakness Mental: Willpower Alcohol Mental: Willpower Gabriel Aid: Morality +5 Lord of Flies Fight: Combat & Morality & Willpower Holy Water Trap Aid: Combat +5 Papa Midnite Info: Contacts Half Demon Lover Mental: Morality Demonic Torment Mental: Willpower The Chair Info: Psychic Balthazar Fight: Combat & Morality & Willpower Kismet Info: Morality or Psychic Demonology Info: Contacts Last Rites Aid: Morality +5 Occult Info: Contacts Demon Swarm Fight: Combat X2 Paranoia Mental: Willpower Courage Aid: Willpower +5 Horror Mental: Willpower Repent Mental: Morality Hand of God Aid: Morality +5 Pain Mental: Willpower Sarcasm Aid: Willpower +5 Cynicism Aid: Willpower +5 Theory Info: Contact Winged Fiends Fight: Combat X2 Incantation Aid: Morality +5 Scavengers of the Damned Fight: Combat X2 Fear Mental: Willpower Depression Mental: Willpower Suicide Attempt Fight: Willpower & Morality Cryptic Message Info: Contact Insanity Mental: Willpower Corinthian 17 Info: Contact Son of Mammon Fight: Combat & Morality & Willpower Listen to the Ether Info: Contact or Psychic God has a Plan Aid: Morality +5 Guilt Mental: Willpower Damned Mental: Morality Salvation Aid: Morality +5 LINKS Movie Script Hell Blazer ********************* INTRODUCTION Warp Quest is an abstract game system that depicts goal driven scenarios. Each player controls a collection of Units who are attempting to be the first to reach an objective and bring it back to the start. The units could be a party of adventuring archeologists hoping to recover a lost artifact, a squadron of bombers attempting to hit a military target and return home, a band of samurai seeking to vanquish marauding bandits or a company of mixed creatures seeking to destroy a piece of evil ornamental jewelry that has the nasty habit of trying to control the minds of all free creatures. The scenarios that use the Warp Quest engine will hold the details. DICE & PIECES · Six and ten sided dice are needed. · Each player has a pawn to represent his or her group of Units (adventuring party, fleet, etc.) on the board. · Use a small trinket to represent the Objective. · There is only one Objective. THE BOARD · The board is a single winding path of connected spaces with a Start Space and an End Space. The path should be 30 Spaces long. · The First Space represents the start. · Spaces 2-15 represents travel through the first scenario module. · Spaces 16-29 represents travel through the second scenario module. · The End Space is the final destination where the Objective is found. THE DECKS · There are 2 decks for each scenario: · The Module 1 Deck and the Module 2 Deck. · Each deck has one of each card in its card list. · There may also be an Aid deck. THE UNITS · Each player controls a group of units called a Party. The scenarios will detail the make up of the units in the party, their attributes (Skills, Traits) and starting dispositions. TURN SEQUENCE · Players take turns. · Each turn consists of 3 phases: 1. Move Phase 2. Draw Phase 3. Challenge Phase MOVE PHASE · Roll 1D6. Move your pawn that number of spaces towards the end space. · You automatically stop when you enter the end space. · If you are the first to land on the end space your party acquires the Objective. · Once a party has acquired the Objective then all other players may move their parties in either direction on the path. · The party with the Objective must move towards the start space. · The first pawn with the Objective to reach the start space wins the game. DRAW PHASE · If you land on an empty space in spaces 2-15 draw a card from the Module 1 deck. · If you land on an empty space in spaces 16-29 draw a card from the Module 2 deck. · If you land on an opponent’s party do not draw a card. · If a deck ever runs out, shuffle its discard and draw from it. · Cards are of 2 types: Challenge cards & Aid cards. · Place Aid cards in your hand. · Challenge cards are encounters your party faces immediately in Challenge Phase. CHALLENGE PHASE Each challenge card lists one or more skills. Your party will have to make a skill check vs each skill listed. (The same skill may be listed twice or more, requiring that many skill checks) A Skill check consists of a Skill roll and Challenge Roll: Roll 1D10. This is the Skill roll. Add the skill bonuses of your party members to the roll. You may discard Aid cards for further bonuses to the skill roll. Next roll 1D10. This is the Challenge roll. Some Challenges have a DM (Difficulty Modifier). Add the DM to the Challenge Roll. If the challenge roll is less than or equal to the skill roll you win the Skill check. If the challenge roll is greater than the skill roll you fail the Challenge. If you win all the Skill Checks, you win the Challenge. The adventure card may say what happens if you win or lose the Challenge. If the card does not give directions, then roll on the following table: If you lose the challenge: Roll 1D6: (Challenge Loss Table) 1-4 Go back 1D6 spaces 5-6 Lose 1 Unit (Man, Ship, Hit Point, etc., depending on the Scenario) If you Win the challenge gain 1 Experience Token. You may spend an Experience Token to let you reroll a Move Roll or a Skill Roll. MOVING ONTO AN OPPONENTS PAWN · If you land on an opponent’s pawn there will be a fight. · The current player rolls on the Skill List Table to determine which skill will decide the confrontation. · Both players make Skill Rolls. In case of a tie nothing happens. · The loser rolls on the Challenge Loss Table. · The winner takes the Artifact from the loser if the loser was in possession of the Artifact.

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