Card game for 2-4 players.
Each player controls a coastal colonial settlement in 17-18th Century North America.
Each players colony is from an opposing European group including:
The English, French, Spanish, and Dutch.

The first player to accumulate: 
30 Population, 20 Gold, 10 Resources, and 3 Town Improvements wins.
If you ever reach zero population, you automatically lose.

Players share a common deck.

Use tokens to represent Population.
Use coins to represent Gold.

Each player starts with 10 Population and 5 Gold.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 8 phases:
1. Draw Phase
2. Growth Phase
3. Hardships Phase
4. Revenue Phase
5. Upkeep Phase
6. Resources Phase
7. Trade Phase
8. Raid Phase

Draw 3 cards from the deck.
Max hand size is 7 cards.
Discard excess cards

Gain 1 Population Token.
Play (discard) Settlement cards from your hand.
For each Settlement card played, gain 1D6 Population Tokens.

Play (discard) Hardship cards on your opponents.
For each Hardship card played, an opponent loses 1D6 Population Tokens.

Gain 1 Gold.
For each Resource you control gain 1 Gold.
For each Oppression card on you, lose 1 Gold.
Gain +1 Gold if you have the most resources of a 
given type (Agriculture, Sea, Trade, etc.)

Pay 1 Gold for each of your Combatants.
Discard Combatants not paid for. 

Play Oppression cards on your opponents for free.
Play Leader cards for free.
Pay 1 Gold for a Resource.
Pay 1 Gold to recruit a Combatant.
Pay 2 Gold for a Town Improvement.
Pay 3 Gold to build a Fort.
All these types of cards are considered to be Permanents.
They stay face up in play from turn to turn.
(You may have up to 1 Resource per 3 Population Tokens)

Players may trade Cards, Gold, Promises, and Population.

You may raid (attack) opposing players.
Roll 1D6 for each of your combatants and for each battle card you play (discard).
(You cannot play more battle cards then you have combatants)
A roll of 1 inflicts one casualty.
A Fort negates 1 casualty per turn.
For each casualty, your opponent must discard one Combatant.
If no Combatants are left discard Resources, and then 
Town Improvements, and then 1D6 Population Tokens.

R = Resources
S = Settlement (Discard when played)
H = Hardships (Discard when played)
O = Oppression
C = Combatants
B = Battle (Discard when played)
F = Forts
T = Town Improvements
E = Events (Discard when played)
L = Leader

Card Name:		Type	Notes:
Cod Fishing		R	Sea
Subsistence Crops	R	Agriculture
Dairy Farming		R	Agriculture
Cash Crop		R	Agriculture
Tobacco			R	Agriculture
Corn Crops		R	Agriculture
Lumber			R	Manufacturing
Iron Works		R	Manufacturing
Cattle			R	Animals
Trappers	        R	Animals
Fishery			R	Sea
Apple Groves		R	Agriculture
Squash & Pumpkins	R	Agriculture
Livestock		R	Animals
River Boats		R	Trade
Wheat & Barley		R	Agriculture
Farmers Market		R	Trade
Furs & Skins		R	Animals
Trading Post		R	Trade
Plantations		R	Agriculture
Textiles	        R	Manufacturing
Oats & Rye		R	Agriculture
Wool			R	Animals
Smuggling		R	Trade
Whaling			R	Sea
Merchants		R	Trade
Shipbuilding		R	Manufacturing
Rice & Indigo		R	Agriculture
Port			R	Trade
Shellfish		R	Sea
Hunting			R	Animals
Brewery			R	Agriculture
Religious Sect		S	
Exiles			S	
Protestants		S	
Slaves			S	
Pilgrims	        S	
Colonists		S	
Puritan Migration	S	
Catholics		S	
Settlers	        S	
Haven			S	
Sponsor			S	
Lutherans		S	
Prisoners		S	
Baptists  		S	
Company Charter		S	
Royal Charter		S	
Immigrants		S	
Quakers			S	
Disease			H	
Sickness	        H	
Starvation		H	
Hunger			H	
Food Shortage		H	
Smallpox 		H	
Frontier Conditions	H	
Epidemic	        H	
Long Winter		H	
Religious Intolerance	H	
Religious Heresy  	H	
Indian Raids		H	
Indian War		H	
Witch Hunt		H	
Taxation	        O	
Stamp Act		O	
Navigation Acts		O	
Import Duties		O	
Coercive Acts		O	
Fire			E	Discard any card in play
Peace Pact		E	Opponent may not attack this turn
Peace Treaty		E	Opponent may not attack this turn
Armistice		E	Opponent may not attack this turn
Free Land		E	Draw 3 cards
Self Government		E	Draw 3 cards
Self Sufficiency  	E	Draw 3 cards
Confederation		E	Draw 3 cards
European War		E	Draw 3 cards
Mayflower Compact	E	Draw 3 cards
Poor Richard’s Almanac	E	Draw 3 cards
The Great Awakening	E	Draw 3 cards
Meetinghouse		T	
Church			T	
Common Area		T	
Town Government		T	
Legislative Assembly	T	
Grammar School		T	
College			T	
Public Library		T	
Printing Press		T	
Newspaper		T	
Post Office		T	
General Hospital  	T	
Naval Blockade		B
Ambush			B
Night Attack		B
Surprise Attack		B
Raid			B
Counterattack		B
Long March		B
Massacre	        B
Siege			B
Skirmish	        B
Hostilities		B
Militia			C
Colonists		C
Colonials		C
Royal Troops		C
Indian Fighters		C
Volunteers		C
Irregulars		C
Native American Allies	C
Indian Allies		C
Imperial Force		C
Reinforcements		C
Frontiersmen		C
Cannons			C
Fleet			C
Warships	        C
Ship Squadrons		C
Contingent		C
Soldiers	        C
Infantry	        C
Artillery		C
Raiding Party		C
Punitive Expedition	C
Garrison	        F
Fortifications		F
Earthworks		F
Entrenchments		F
Outpost			F
Governor	        L	Counts as a Town Improvement
General			L	Counts as a Combatant
Industrialist		L	Counts as a Resource
Entrepreneur		L	Counts as a Resource
Preacher	        L	Gain +1 Population per Turn
Minister	        L	Gain +1 Population per Turn
Proprietor		L	Gain +1 Population per Turn
Promoter	        L	Gain +1 Population per Turn
Diplomat   		L	Opponent must pay 2 Gold to attack you
Director	        L	Counts as a Resource
Dissident		L	You are Immune to Oppression cards
Revolutionary		L	Counts as a Combatant
Scientist		L	Counts as a Town Improvement
Captain			L	Counts as a Combatant
Privateer		L	Counts as a Combatant

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