Card game for 2 players. WWII theme.

Players share a common deck.
The deck contains 1 copy of every card in the card list.

Capture 3 of the 5 Fronts.

There are 5 Fronts between the players:
R = Right Flank
CR = Center Right 
C = Center
CL = Center Left
L = Left Flank

Use markers to designate the 5 Fronts.

Each turn has 3 phases:
1. Logistics Phase
2. Deployment Phase
3. Battle Phase

Each player is dealt 7 cards from the deck.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Players take turns. 
Flip a coin to see who goes first.
Players take turns playing one card from their hand to one of the five Fronts.
In a turn you can assign a maximum of 2 cards to a single Front.
At a single front, you may assign a maximum of:
1 Leader
1 Infantry
1 Plane
1 Tank
1 Artillery
1 Strategy
1 Fortification
Some cards allow you to play an extra card of a certain type at that Front.
If you play a Scout card, you may look at your opponent’s hand.

Each card has a Force value.
Add up your force value for each Front.
If you have a higher Force than your opponent at a 
Front you gain a Victory Marker (VM) for that Front.
(Use coins for VM)
If you ever have 3 more VP than your opponent at a 
Front, you Capture that Front.
The first player to capture 3 of the 5 Fronts wins the game.
Negated cards do not contribute their Force.
Once a Front is captured, no more cards may be assigned to it.
Maximum hand size is 8 cards. Discard excess cards at end of turn.

L = Leader
I = Infantry
P = Plane
T = Tank
A = Artillery
S = Strategy
F = Fortification

Card Name:		Type	Force	Notes:
Armored Cars		T	1	Scout
Light Tanks		T	2	
Self Propelled Guns	T	3	Play an Extra Artillery
Infantry Tanks		T	4	Play an Extra Infantry
Funny Tanks		T	5	Opposing Fort Negated
Cruiser Tanks		T	6	
Tank Destroyers		T	7	Opposing Tank Negated
Medium Tanks		T	8		
Heavy Tanks		T	9	
Tank Brigade		T	10	Play an Extra Tank
Reserve Units		I	1	Play an Extra Infantry
Army Corps		I	2	
Rifle Brigade		I	3	
Guard Units		I	4
Mechanized Infantry	I	5	Play an Extra Tank
Marine Forces		I	6	
Engineer Units		I	7	Opposing Fort Negated
Ranger Units		I	8	Scout
Heavy Weapons Squads	I	9	
Mountain Troops		I	10	
Mortars			A	1	
Anti-Tank Guns		A	2	Opposing Tank Negated
Flak Guns		A	3	Opposing Plane Negated
Field Artillery		A	4	
Medium Artillery	A	5	
Siege Cannons		A	6	Opposing Fort Negated
Mobile Artillery	A	7	Play an Extra Strategy
Howitzers		A	8	
Heavy Artillery		A	9	
Rocket Bombardments	A	10	
Reconnaissance Planes	P	1	Scout
Paratroop Jump		P	2	Play an Extra Infantry
Fighter Planes		P	3	Opposing Plane Negated
Fighter Bombers		P	4	
Tank Buster		P	5	Opposing Tank Negated
Ground Attack Aircraft	P	6	
Level Bombers		P	7	
Dive Bombers		P	8	
Heavy Bombers		P	9	
Air Superiority		P	10	Play an Extra Plane
Junior Officer		L	1	Play an Extra Leader
Replacement Officer	L	2	Negate Opposing Leader
Sergeant		L	3	
Lieutenant		L	4	
Major			L	5	
Experienced Officer	L	6	Scout
Captain			L	7	
Commander		L	8	
Colonel			L	9	
Brigadier General	L	10	Play an Extra Strategy
Frontal Assault		S	1	Play an Extra Infantry
Steam Roller Tactics	S	2	
Prepared Assault	S	3	Play an Extra Artillery
Infiltration		S	4	Scout
Outflank		S	5	
Combined Arms Tactics	S	6	Play an Extra Plane
Hook Maneuver		S	7	
War of Maneuver		S	8	Play an Extra Tank
Encirclement		S	9	
Blitzkrieg		S	10	
Tank Obstacles		F	1	Negate Opposing Tank
Pillboxes		F	2	Opposing Infantry Negated
Entrenchments		F	3
Bunkers			F	4	Play an Extra Infantry
Minefields		F	5
Airfield		F	6	Play an Extra Plane
Chokepoints		F	7
Gun Emplacements	F	8	Play an Extra Artillery
Strongpoint		F	9	
Defense In Depth	F	10	Play an Extra Fortification

You win if you Capture:
Center and CR or CL (Breakthrough Victory)
L & CL or R & CR: (Outflank Victory)
L & R: (Envelopment Victory)

Designate one player as the Attacker & the other as the Defender.
The Attacker cannot use Fortification cards.
The Defender cannot use Plane cards.

Include 5 "Special" cards in the deck (Type = X)
Each player choses a Nationality:
*Germans can use Special Cards as:
Panzer Tanks (T) Force = 10
*Russians can use Special Cards as:
Human Wave (S) Force = 2 & play an extra Infantry or
Manpower (I) Force = 8
*Americans can use Special Cards as:
Industrial Giant: Discard & draw 2 cards
*British can use Special Cards as:
Intelligence (L) Force = 7 & Scout & play an extra Leader 
*Japanese can use Special Cards as:
Bonzai Charge (S) Force = 2 & play an extra Infantry or 
Underground Complexes (F) Force = 8

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