Legend of Shroogoom Part Two
Written by Velvet Dark 007

A/N- More! It's a new title, but a continuation for Part One. This isn't n exact follow up to the first... this takes place 2 months after the incident. Enjoy!- V.D.007

Episode 2- Legends Foretold Part Two

(A Relaxing scene of Peach, sitting in her room in the sun, daydreaming)

Peach- (Thinking) Imagine all of me and my friends as Shroogooms.... protecting the Land and World.... I wish... (She sees her self in pink and white armor, with her War Fan, fighting mechanical Axem Rangers) I wish.... (She sips more of her KeroKero Cola)

(As she is dreaming, Rain Booster and Waluigi walk by)

Rain- Shhh... My queen is resting..

Waluigi- Ahhh... come along Rain... let's go. (They walk off, and Rain looks sad all of a sudden) Whazza matter Rain?

(Rain sighs)

Rain- Nothing... (sighs again) Nothing at all. Let's go. (They walk off, and we see Peach again, looking out the door, hearing the conversation)

Peach- (Thinking) Ever since that day 4 weeks ago... she's acted very strange... why, I don't know... maybe she's jealous of Mario... nahh... she's never like that... (Walks back into her room and continues reading)

(Elsewhere, Luigi, Daisy, Wario and Yoshi are eating lunch in SeaSide Town, enjoying the time together)

Yoshi- (Talking with mouth full) Mmphhh... Hmm.. Phhh...

(Wario looks disgusted)

Wario- Don't talks (Eats his sandwich) Hmmpp.hh... mouth... rgmmm.. full..

Daisy- BOTH OF YOU! Don't talk with your mouths full either.

(Wario and Yoshi looked ashamed, Luigi laughs)

Luigi- Hahahahaha.... say... any of you wanna go throw rocks at Bowser's Keep from Vista Hill today? (They all nod their heads) Cool! Let's go! (They gobble up what's left and rush off, passing a young man, with red eyes on the street)

Man- (Thinking) Which one of them is going to be next? Mario first.... and Bowser... who else? I have to follow them and see... (Walks off into the crowd, putting his Star Gun away....)

(Daisy stops and looks behind her, and no one is there)

Daisy- Luigi, I feel as though we're being followed....

Luigi- Nonsense. Let's go, if there is anyone, I'll get em with my wrench! (Daisy smiles and kisses Luigi. Wario and Yoshi look disgusted)

Wario- (Disgusted) I'm gonna be sick. (He gets pelted by Luigi's wrench.) Or in pain.... (Yoshi laughs and is then punched in the gut)

Yoshi- (Groaning) I'm in... pain..

Daisy- (Sternly, getting into Luigi's car) Oh will you two STOP THAT? (Luigi laughs) And what are you laughing at Mr. Stud?

Luigi- Oh nothing, the fact you're standing over an airduct and your panties are showing is pretty fricking hilarious.

(Daisy gasps and jumps into the car, embarrassed, but laughing)

Daisy- Boy was I lookin' stupid. Let's go. (They all hop in and drive off for Vista Hill.)

(Elsewhere, Waluigi and Rain are sitting in the park, eating ice cream, but the girl is kinda down...)

Rain- (Sad) I'm not hungry. Have this. (Hands her ice cream cone to Waluigi)

Waluigi- Mama Mia Rain, whatssa matter?

Rain- (Stern) it's nothing. Just drop it okay? Waluigi, I'm going to go off alone now okay? I'll meet up with you at Peach's for dinner. Good day. (gets up and walks away, much to Waluigi's dismay)

Waluigi- (Looking confused, thinking) Was it something I said? (Shrugs shoulders and head off, whistling the 'Old Spice' theme.)

(At Bowser's Keep, Bowser is with Kamek, and Bowser looks bored again)

Bowser- Do we HAVE to go through the long speech about the boring things? (Rolls eyes and sticks his tongue out)

Kamek- Well... Mario has one... and you have one. That makes 2.

Bowser- (Sarcastically) No Duh.

(Kamek reads a book)

Kamek- Says here there are elemental stones... like
Fire, which Mario has
Darkness, which you have

Bowser- Thank You, Thank you.

Kamek- (Annoyed) As I saw saying,
And the most important one, that only one person can have,

Bowser- What might that be oh smarty pants?

Kamek- (Awe-struck) Holy.

Bowser- (Sarcastic) Ohhh... I am so scared....

Kamek- And well you should be. The Holy element is so powerful it can kill or heal a whole planet.

(Bowser is speechless)

Bowser- Who is the keeper of it?

Kamek- No one knows.

Bowser- Fungah.

(Mario is eating pasta at a restaurant... as usual.)

Mario- (Thinking) So good.... I LOVE ravioli... yum yum... (Chomps some more, when Toad walks in, albeit skipping) Toad! What-ah are you doing here-ah!

Toad- (Happy) I just wanted to come and say hi to ya Mario... and Peach wants to see ya also.

Mario- Why's-ah that?

Toad- I dunno.... Somethin' about your thingie...

Mario- Ahhhh. I'll-ah be there-ah in a minute. (Wolfs down his meal) Done!

Toad- (Disgusted) That was quick.

(Mario and Toad walk out of the Pasta Parlor, and head over a warp pipe to get to the castle. Mario stops and thinks.)

Mario- (Thinking)- Hmmmm.... If I have a stone... then Peach has one.... Ah-Ha!

Toad- Come One Mario! We gotta go! (Toad jumps down the pipe)

Mario- Hold yer-ah hat! I'm coming! (Jumps down as well)

(A few minutes later, the end up at the Castle, where Peach is standing in front of the pipe, smiling. Mario and Toad scream in surprise)

Peach- What's wrong? Did I scare you?

Toad- Very. (Gets out of the pipe with Mario and they jump on the ground. Peach walks to the throne room) Where you going?

Peach- The Throne Room. I wanna see something really quick. (Opens up the door and walks inside, as Mario and Toad follow) Look at this. (Holds out a white stone) See?

(Mario gets out a spyglass and looks at it carefully, 'hmm'ing)

Toad- (Curious) What's wrong Mario?

Mario- Well-ah, It looks-ah like mine, but it could-ah be just-ah a normal one.

Peach- (Dismayed) Oh. Well, I just wanted to compare, you never know. (Sets it down) Well, hey, wanna go see a movie?

All- (Excited) OKAY! (They all run outside for the theater)


(We see Luigi, Daisy, Wario and Yoshi at Vista Hill, doing what they do best- throwing rocks at Bowser's Keep, annoying the guards)

Koopa #1- HEY! (Pelted) HEY! (Pelted some more)

(The gang laughs)

Luigi- Boy (giggle) you two look STOOOOOOPID! (Laughs)

Daisy- Yeah... (giggle) you two look LOVELY!

Koopa #2- YOU'RE IN BIG TROUBLE! (Runs after them, but they fall down into a Lava Pit.)

All- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (They turn around and leave, when they see something in the distance)

Wario- What's that? (Points to something that looks like a giant lawn mower, heading for the Mushroom Kingdom)

Daisy- GOOD LORD! IT'S HEADING FOR THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM! (Hops in the car, grabs the guys and revs off)

Luigi- OH NOOOOOOOO! (Punches the gas pedal.)

(The man that followed them saw they were leaving and darted off in a flash of light)

Man- (Thinking) Maybe the next one is here. (Teleports)

(Bowser is drawing)

Bowser- Hehehehehe.... Mario gets his head chopped off, I marry Peach... I like this! (Holds up a garbled crayon drawing) I love my art! (His keep starts rumbling) OH NO NOT AGAIN!

(He looks outside the window and sees a giant lawn mower heading for The Mushroom Kingdom)

Bowser- Phew....


(At the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach, Mario and Toad were watching the movie, when the film broke, there was an uproar)

P.A.- (Monotone) Excuse the interruption of the film, but a giant creature that looks like a lawn mower is heading our way. Please go to the nearest shelter and stay there.

(The crowd panics, and Mario and the gang run outside and see it mowing down shops and houses, dead bodies are lying everywhere, and one of them, is Peach's bodyguard Rain.)

Peach- OH NO!!!!!!!!!! (Runs over to the limp body of Rain and holds her head) Rain.... speak to me!

Rain- My queen... you are safe....

Peach- Please don't die... Please don't die...

Mario- OH NO-AH! (The lawn mower is making a return trip)

Lawn Mower- BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Where's the fire Shroogoom! (Goes over to Mario) You're the one!

Mario- Darn-ah straight! (In a flash, he is a Shroogoom, hovering above the ground) Peach, take care of the others, and Toad, go find Luigi and his group!

Toad- Okay! (Zips off)

Lawn Mower- You wanna fight me?

Mario- Of course-ah! (Holds out his flaming Golden Plunger, It hits the lawn mower the eye)

Lawn Mower- (In Pain) MY EYES BURN! (Runs around like mad, heading toward Mario...)

Peach- (Screaming) LOOK OUT!!!!!!

(Mario- (Surprised) Wha? (He gets run over his flaming, golden plunger falls to the ground, he is all scratched and bloody) Owwwwwwwwww....

Lawn Mower- He's gone! Where's another one?

(Peach freaks out, but Rain says some reassuring words)

Rain- My queen.... you have.... one...... use the pureness in you....

Peach- What do you mean? (The Lawn Mower is coming to her) WHAT DO YOU MEAN? (No Answer) RAIN? RAIN! NO! YOU CAN'T BE DEAD! (Cries, and then, cut to inside the castle, on the table in the throne room...)

(The stone peach has is glowing, and it gently floats outside to the crying princess. She looks up and just like with Mario, time freezes, and Peach is in a light brown world)

Peach- Where am I?

Light- You are a Shroogoom.

Peach- I knew it! But, why?

Light- I have seen your plea to help your friends, you want this world to be healed right?

Peach- Of course I do? What exactly are you saying?

(The light floats inside of her, and in a bright light, she is a shroogoom warrior, with hover boots, a bodysuit that looks like something from Evagellion, and her war fan is a glowing healing device)

Light- You are the Shroogoom of Earth. Use the healing power to restore life to your people and heal your friends. (Time Unfreezes and Peach is in front of the Lawn Mower monster)

Mario- (Faintly) Mama Mia....

Lawn Mower- DRAT! Another one? What's your power this time?

(Peach grins and hold up her fan, and a light shines from it. People are restored, buildings are put back together and the Lawn Mower monster is destroyed)

Lawn Mower- THAT QUICK? AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......

(Everything is as it should be. Mario flies over to Peach and they go to Rain. Toad comes back with Luigi and his group, and they are all surprised at Peach)

Rain- My Queen... I knew you were one! (They hug)

Peach- Mario, Rain, you're both okay! (She hugs Mario) Mario... I'm a Shroogoom!

Mario- Fire and Earth-ah. Weird huh? (Smiles and he and Peach transform back. Everyone walks inside the castle as a man watches from the trees)

Man- They're not gonna get them all that easily, don't you think? (A little boy walks up to the man)

Boy- Of course. But we got ours before them all. It's weird huh. Smithy is back, the Shroogooms appear and you're back.

Man- Yeah, but I have to get them all together so they can protect while I do my thing. Anyway, let's go. (They transform to familiar shapes and jump out of the tree and head off, and Yoshi notices this)

Yoshi- Hmm... there's something up with those two strange people.... (Walks inside the castle)

*To Be Continued....*

Next Time, on 'Legend of Shroogoom!'

Simithy sends out a monster that is immune to both Fire and Earth to destroy Nimbus Land, so Mario and Peach can't destroy it! Also, Bowser hears of this and joins in the fray! And who are those two strangers? Stay Open for 'Legend of Shroogoom, Episode 3 - 'Darkness Wave!'

A/N- Hope you liked this one. Stay tuned in Late August for Episode 3, at your nearest Mario fan fiction web site!- VD 007

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