Legend of Shroogoom
Written by Velvet Dark 007

A/N- This a parody of the Dragoon element in Sony's game 'Legend of Dragoon'.. Possible spoilers will be revealed in the upcoming 'First Season' (about 13 eps) from the game, so be wary. And no one dies. Just wanted to clear that up. - ^^ \/

Episode One- Legends Foretold: Part One of Two

(A Scene of Mario and Luigi in their rooms, reading and dusting models is shown. Mario is reading an old-looking book, with the pages all burnt-like)

Mario- Heya Luigi, didja you know that there was-ah an ancient race of Mushrooms called the 'Shroogooms', that fought against the primitve ancestors-ah of Smithy?

(Luigi looks unimpressed)

Luigi- Yeah right. And I'm the Shroogoom of Water.

(Mario blinks, and continues to read, Luigi looks over to the book)

Luigi- Soooo Mario, where'd you get that book?

Mario- Peach-ah let me borrow it. She's interested in this too.

(Luigi sighs)

Luigi- If you belive that junk, then you're crazy.

Mario- I am NOT crazy! I belive in this stuff, cause it's true!

(Luigi walks out of the room, laughing, Mario looks mad)

Mario- Just wait... he'll be proven-ah wrong... Just wait. (Continues to read the arcane book. He comes across a page that has 8 warriors, in armor that resembles Shrooms and angels)

Mario- (Muttering) 8 Warriros harnessed the power of the Shroogooms.... yada yada-ah, fought aginst the Exors... blah-blah.. they won... All it's talking about is 8 warriors.... (Slams the book shut and walks out)

Mario- (Thinking) Maybe Luigi is right. Maybe it is all fake. (Walks out, shutting off the light) I'm gonna go hang out with the others for dinner tonight like we planned......

(Shuts the door. We now cut to a scene of Peach, in her room, getting ready for dinner, and she has a shiny stone)

Peach- (To Daisy) Do you think this could be a Shroogoom stone?

Daisy- I suppose. Your mom gave it to you when she died.... It looks like the Shroogoom of Earth... you should ask Chancellor Kelg.

Peach- You're right. Maybe Mario will know something. I just know it.

(Daisy puts on some perfume as she gets up)

Daisy- C'mon. Let's go to dinner. They're waiting for us.

Peach- Okay!

(The two cousins walk out, and the stone glows as she nears Rain, standing in the doorway)

Rain- My royalty, you stone is glowing!

Peach- I know. It's glown around Mallow, Luigi and Wario... I wonder what it all means.

Rain- I do not know my queen. I will find out.

Peach- You don't have to. Besides, we've got dinner to eat. The gang is waiting.

Rain- Okay. (They all walk to the dinner table where Mallow, Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toad and Doutrio are)

Doutrio- Hiya Peachy! Wassup?

Peach- All is fine Doutrio, thanks.

Toad- So... what shall we talk about here at dinner?

Luigi- The Newest Star Fox model ships!

Mallow- Food!

Wario and Waluigi- Beer!

Mario- Pasta!

Peach- I'd like to talk about this shiny stone I found. It looks like a Shroogoom stone of Earth.

(All gasp)

Mario- It does look like it in the book I read.

Luigi- That crap again? Oh you're killin' me here with that mumbo-jumbo!!!!!

Daisy- Oh Luigi, grow up. You might be a Shroogoom warrior someday.

(Luigi stops laughing)

Luigi- Yeah right, and Toad will come out of the closet.

(Toad looks up from his ravilioi, angry)

Toad- Oh shut up. At least I ain't jealous that Daisy likes Mallow more.

Luigi- Oh shut up you or else I'll....

(Mario tries to break it up, but to no avail)

Mario- Calm-ah down. We can't fight like this.

Peach- Mario, you're right. Toad, don't overreact, Luigi, be nice.

All- Yes Peach.

Peach- Good. When we're all done, I want Mario, Mallow and Daisy to go out and get some Flower Jars for me at Rose Town. I want you to take the warp at the back so it'll be quicker and you all won't have to fight the gate.

Daisy- You sure? I heard strong rumors that Rose Town...

(Peach cuts her off)

Peach- Those are just tabloid fodder. Ignore them and do this little task. Here's 1344 coins, so you can get something else for each of you.

Mario- Ahhh... okay-ah. (They all continue eating)

(After dinner, we see Mario, Diasy and Toad the Warp Gate area. Mario is thinking as he's about to go down the warp pipe)

Mario- Hey-ah Daisy.... do you have a bad feeling about this?

Daisy- Why do you say that? It's just fine.

Mario- Ahh.... I'm just overreacting. Let's-ah go Daisy. Toad! Come on!

(Toad runs out putting on his blue Tennis Shirt, panting)

Toad- You don't have to rush me! I was coming!

(Mario rolls his eyes, and jumps down the warp pipe, Daisy follows, and the Toad who mutters something before going down)

Toad- I have a bad feeling about this.... (Jumps down)

(Cut to Bowser's Keep, where he is too, holding a shiny stone like Peach's, and Kamek is talking)

Kamek-.... And you see m'lord, that stone.... I have found others like that, well, I haven't found them all, but I have heard, at the right time, they appear and fuse with the person or mushroom..

Bowser- (Bored) Really?

Kamek- I can see you have no interest in this.

Bowser- Of course I do you Son of a.... ahhh what am I saying? I do. There, I said it.

Kamek- Ah-ha.

(Boswer stops reading and looks at Kamek)

Bowser- Now what?

(Kamek walks away from a microscope and then flips open a book, and turns to an element chart)

Kamek- Just as I suspected.... Oh my Lord! This... is... is...

Bowser- (Impatient) Is what? I'm waiting....

Kamek- This is the Stone of Darkness! Not evil darkness....

Bowser- Oh fungah.

Kamek- But wait... it's reacting to something... can't tell what... but...

(As Kamek turns the dial, a bright light fills the room and everyone is blinded in an instant. Bowser races out of the labratory, and then trips and falls down the stairs)


(The light engulfs him and he ends up at the bottom of the stairs in strange, purply-black looking armor, with a Weird looking Chomp and gold and black wings)

Bowser- Nice duds. KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEK! (Kamek comes rushing down)

Kamek- GOOD LORD! You're... You're....

Bowser- Oh for Pete's Sake Kamek, tell me what this cool stuff is!

Kamek- It's the Shrogoom of Darkness... you have the magic power to manipulate dark matter and such...

Bowser- I'm gonna go show it off to Mario, hold there and DON'T MOVE. (Bowser flies out and crashes into the moat)

Bowser- (Groaning) I'm gonna need some practice...

Kamek- Oh dear.....



(We are now back at The Warp Pipe room at Rose Town, which has gotten bigger)

Daisy- (Awed) Wow... Rose Town is bigger than when I last saw it.

(Toad opens up the door and the are looking at a New York landscape)

Mario- (Muttering) Industrialists...

Daisy- Didi you say something Mario?

(Mario jolts)

Mario- Nothing-ah. Let's-ah just get what we came for and go-ah.

Toad- Whatever ya say Mario. (They all walk out, and onto the sidewalk. Gaz, who Mario met 4 years ago, is taller and older and he sees his old friend.)


Mario- (Suprised) GAZ! (Mario runs over to him and they have a nice reunion)

Gaz- It's been so long since I saw you Mario. Nice nose job.

Mario- Long-ah story to-ah that. Wazzzup?

Gaz- Not much. (They walk into Gaz's house.) Just the fact my mom got married again, and had a baby daughter is really nice, and I also saw Geno again.

Mario- (Suprised) You're kidding.

(Gaz's mom, Marie, walks in with drinks)

Marie- Mario! So nice to see you!

Daisy- Hello Miss Marie Yaridovitch. I heard you got married to him.

Marie- Ahh, he's a sweetie once you get used to him. (She sets drinks on the table and sits down herself with a baby) How's things at Sarsaland?

Daisy- I decided to retire from royalty. I gave it to my little sister Tulip..

Gaz- Awsome. (Sips his KeroKero Cola.) Hey Mario!

Mario- (Stops drinking his beer) What?

Gaz- I haven't told you where I saw Geno.

Marie- Oh yeah! Gaz saw Geno, not as a doll, but a person last month. He stopped him on the street and said hello. They chatted for a while and caught up on things.

Mario- (Sad) Geno... what a good buddy.

Daisy- He sounds nice.

Toad- He was. (Remembers something) YAIIIIIIIII! We need to get those Flower Jars before we forget!

Mario (Suprised)- OH YEAH! Marie-ah, do you have-ah any flower Jars?

(Marie is thinking)

Marie- I do. Gaz, go get some for our guests.

Gaz- Yes mom. (Gets up and walks off)

Daisy- Gosh... looks like something is going on outside.

Marie- What? (Looks outside and gasps) OH MY GOD!

(Mario, Toad and Daisy leap up)

Mario- What-ah?

Marie- GAZ! Get over here!

Gaz- (Shouting from the kitchen) Why mom?

Marie- (Yelling) JUST DO IT NOW! (Gaz rushes in)

Toad- Looks like the town is spooked by something, and it's... killing people!

(Marie holds Gaz and her baby close)

Mario- I'm-ah going out. (Rushes out)

Daisy- NO! MARIO! Son of a bitch... (Rushes out, grabbing Toad)

Toad- Whoah!

(Bowser makes his way into Rose Town)

Bowser- What the? Hey... isn't that.... HUH? (Gets punched in the back)

Red Axem Ranger- Hey there Scales! Long time no see?

Bowser- Shoot...


(Mario, Daisy and Toad gasp at who's doing the killing and attacking)

Male Voice- He must be here! Do not stop looking until we find him!

Male Voice #2- Yes boss!

(Mario gets angry)

Mario- So he's back eh?

Daisy- Who?

Mario- It's Smithy...

Toad- (Horrified) But... I thought you and the others killed him!

(Mario sighs)

Mario- I didn't know he survived.... but... time to get rid of him... (Runs over)


Mario- Don't worry... (Rushes over to Smithy)

(Smithy is about to kill a Shroom, when Mario jumps in)

Mario- Smithy! Don't you do this!

Simithy- Well, Well, if it isn't Mario... long time no see eh? Well, I should kill you, but I won't. Instead, like a cliche, I'll have a stronger minion kill you. CZAR DRAGON 2!!!!

(A metal version of the Czar Dragon waltzes out)

C. Dragon 2- Yes Boss?

Simithy- Kill him. (Points to Mario)

C. Dragon 2- Yes Boss! (Floats over) You just pulled the tough end of the wishbone!

Mario- I ain't afraid of you!

(Daisy shrieks in horror)

Daisy- MARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Mario looks face to face with the metal dragon. Mario seems determined as Smithy disappears)

Mario- (Determined) I'll kill you....

C. Dragon 2- Try Me.

(Mario starts throwing punches and kicks but the dragon dodges. It throws a fire ball that tosses Mario backwards to Toad and Daisy)

Toad- You okay?

Mario- Never felt better. (He continues to fight, with his Super Jump and his fire balls)

C. Dragon- Is that all ya got?

Mario- I'm dead. (The Czar Dragon smashes him against a wall, sending the plumber reeling. Daisy jumps in and starts throwing things)

C. Dragon 2- OW! (Hit by a shoe) OW! You hurting me?

Daisy- You can give it, but can you TAKE IT? (Continues throwing stuff, and Toad joins in)

(Mario wakes up and sees the dragon weakened... he jumps in again)

Mario- (Determined) You idiotic dragon... WHY WON'T-AH YOU DIE-AH? (He Super Jumps on him, and the dragon whacks in back HARD. Mario hits a fire hydrant..)

(Inside Gaz's house, Marie and her family watches, scared, with a huge crowd)

Gaz- Is Mario... dead? (He starts crying, and as he does, his necklace glows in a bright red, filling the room with a light of fire and hope)

Marie- Gaz.... (The necklace detaches itself from Gaz's neck and floats outside, past an awe-struck Daisy and Toad, to the weakened plumber)

Mario- (Groaning) Ahhhh.... My back... I feel it's been snapped.... Huh? (The necklace turns into a firey spirit)

Fire Spirit- (Softly, freezing time, as everything has gone black and white) Mario... it is time...

Mario- (Shocked) Time for what?

Fire Spirit- Time for you to meet destiny... as a protector...

Mario- (Whining) But I already am a protector! Of Princess Peach!

Fire Spirit- You can still be that... she has her own destiny... but first.... you must meet yours... as a Shroogoom...

Mario- (Happy) They DO exist!

Fire Spirit- Hmmm. Now then, meet your destiny and destroy this beast... you have proven worthy to our God.... (It then flies INSIDE Mario, sucking him into a vortex of light, he then gains red and blue armor, with gold and red wings and his Golden Plunger)

Mario- Nice Duds. (Time returns and Mario then jumps forward to the Czar Dragon 2. Everyone is shocked, but Gaz isn't.)


C. Dragon 2- What? You're that plumber huh? Well.... a new wardrobe won't help ya here!

Mario- (Sternly) I don't-ah think so-ah. (He throws his plunger as a javlen to the dragon, in the head and sends the thing exploding)

C. Dragon 2- GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa...... (Silence and the whole town erupts with applause)

Daisy- Mario... what the hell happened there? And why do you look like that?

Mario- I honestly-ah do not-ah know. (Turns back to normal Mario) Let's-ah Go get-ah the Flower Jars-ah! (Walks into Gaz's house, with Daisy and Toad following)

(Bowser, recovered from that punch turns back to normal and looks at Mario)

Bowser- Dang it! He has the same power! And Smithy's back! ARGHHHHHHHHH! What a way to start a new act in the lives of all of us in this world... ahh well... I'm hoping his co-horts don't get those powers, too...

(Walks away into the forest...)


(At Peach's Palace, Peach and the others are shocked at Mario's new form)

Peach- So it was true! Mario... and Smithy's back?

Mario- Yep-ah.

(Peach looks worried)

Peach- Well, look on the bright side, we have a Shroogoom (Eyes Luigi and Luigi 'hmphs' and walks away) and all of us to get rid of him once and for all.

Mario- Yeah-ah. but I wonder-ah... if there are any others?

Rain- I think.... there might be... (Eyes Peach and looks away.....)


To Be Continued.........

Did you all like it? Stay tuned for Part 2 coming next month... or sooner!- ^_^ \/- VD007

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