What Goes on In Mario's Pants Part 2: Kooper's Side of the Story by Slimemon


WARNING! This story contains some vulgar language and situations that may not be appropriate for younger or sensitive readers. Don't say I didn't warn you!


Kooper, mister cool. I wasn't afraid to say or do anything...except venture into the vast unknown surrounded by Mario's pants. The first few days I was terrified and on the ninth day I realized how high pitched my screams could be. It was dark, wet, loud, and painful. I'd have to say Goombario,Lakilester, and I were the most civilized people there. Unfortunately Goombario was there the longest, so he was affected the most. I found things to do to keep myself from going completely insane. Soon I adjusted to my surroundings by doing things such as; arts and crafts, reading novels and magazines, and even writing poetry. I was able to keep calm in a normally unbareable environment.

End of Part 2

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