What Goes on in Mario's Pants Chapter 1: Goombario's Case by Slimemon


This story contains some language and implied situations that may be unsuitable for younger/sensitive readers. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Chapter 1: Goombario's Case


I was going crazy. I couldn't take this "ADVENTURE" any more. It was so hot that I was sweating down to my knees--toes I mean. I felt that few really understood me, Kooper was one of them. Parrykarry was kind of understanding...when he wasn't being a total and comlete asshole... The girls never conversed with the guys. Maybe they were too shy. Or maybe they didn't like us guys. Or maybe it was the obvious fact that they were all fighting with each other over who's turn it was to...um...suck Mario's little plunger...

Bow always had sucking duty and she loved every minute of it. She'd never let anyone else have Mario. Even when she was on the outside world, fighting enemies with Mario, she'd have one eye on her beloved territory. If Mario cringed, she have a full out slap fest on everyone. She didn't care who invaded her private "Mario" area, just who was there when it happened. I would say she beats me up the worst because she thinks I'm gay...but I'm not. In some cases it didn't turn out that bad, like the time Mario was out numbered. They would've beaten the crap out of him, but when they say him trying immensly, almost violently, grabbing himself, trying to control the battle that was raging on our inner world, his enemies became cautious. When Mario started hitting himself in his crotch and rolling around on the floor, every one around him ran like hell.

Now, back to poor old Goombario. All the heat and yelling (Not to mention the terrible chaffing...) started to get to me. Every now and then I could be seen shaking nervously, mumbling to myself, with one seriously bugged out eye. Every one took this as a sign that I needed a bit of fresh air and personal space...LOT'S OF PERSONAL SPACE! They would move to the front where they had to deal with bitch slaps, bites, constant wetness, and on very rare occasions, explosions. Was it better than being around me when I started sounding like Mike Tyson? I wouldn't know, but at least I've got my personal space...

End of Part 1

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