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Project Overview

Part One:  Data Collection

Part Two:  Compilation

Part Three:  Speculation

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        Welcome to the New FreeSpace Universal Reference Project, or Neo-FSURP.  The goal of this Project is to completely document the ‘official’ Freespace universe.  From Ross 128 to Capella, we will list off every detail of the universe we all love so much.  A bit geeky?  Hell yes, but it must be done.  When finished, the Freespace Universal Encyclopedia (which is what the Neo-FSURP will eventually create) will be the ultimate guide to young campaign builders and writers.  Of course, we'll leave room for speculation, and even do some of our own, but the object is open up the Freespace universe and read it just like Britannica’s finest.  With your help, very soon, all your questions will be answered.


Sunday, November 5

More Data

Griffon UK has added a few nice facts about the ships of Freespace 2 to our collection.  I'd like some stuff on the FS1 ships, so get cracking.  Also remember, we want stuff only from the Volition produced sources, no user made campaigns/stories/MODs.

Friday, November 3


It has come to my attention that some of you may not be quite clear on the aim of this Project.  We do not want any information from anything by Volition produced Freespace products.  No MODs, no campaigns, no designer missions.  Just the stuff Volition gave us.  I've already had to inform someone of this, and I'd rather not do it again.  Thank you for your understanding.

New Data

 Data has already started to roll in.  From Fantomeye comes historical details on the various fighters and ships from FS2.  My own work up on a basic timeline for the 14 Year War is also up.  We need more though, so keep that information coming.

Thursday, November 2


Welcome to the New FreeSpace Universal Reference Project!  If you're ready, the bar to your left (no, your other left) will lead you through the various parts of the Project, including the Project Overview.  To add to our data, visit the Collected Data page for information.  When we get to the Compilation part, we'll list out it's status.  The same goes for the Speculation part.  There's also a discussion forum set up through the Freespace Story Archive boards.  You can discuss about anything there.

First Entry

For our first data entry, I've put up Zarathud's old data collection for the original FSURP.  This will give you a pretty good idea of what we are looking for.  Zarathud's stuff isn't definitive, however, so if you have better/more accurate data, please submit it to us.  Later.

Disclaimer:  See the disclaimer link, I'm not going to put this on every page.