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The World of Nox.

His name is Jack, an auto mechanic who lives in a trailer park in South central Florida. An unlikely hero, but that's what he becomes when a cosmic accident plucks him out of his easy chair and drops him on Nox, a world of magic, monsters, and an evil sorceress named Hecubah. All he wants is to go home, but to get back to Earth, he'll have to save the planet he landed on.

When Jack arrives on Nox, he must choose one of three paths. As a warrior, he'll master powerful weapons and skills in the Fortress of Horrendous. If he chooses to be a Conjurer, he'll summon creatures and wield the forces of nature. If he chooses the way of the Wizard, he'll master combat magic, teleportation and trap creation.

In order to complete each of the 33 chapters, Jack will have to battle powerful monsters, outwit humans, complete epic quests and defuse deadly traps. With the completion of each chapter, Jack unlocks powerful new abilities that aid him in his quest to save Nox from Hecubah's rage and return him to his quiet trailer home on Earth.