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Liquidwlf: The Rebirth!!!!

With These walls a new man has been born. A better more perfect man. A man with out fear, A near god if you wish to say. This man is Gen Kazama. A mutant warrior with unimaginable power. Raised on his own with only one companion. His best Friend and partner Raffi a mutant wolf. He now resides as the leader of the Wild Arms Clan. using his high rank and his will to fight he is now trying to build his clan to become the strongest and the most feared of all clans in the world of Rhydin. Followed by his best and trust worthy commanders and cheifs they lead together in the High Council of the Clan. With there help he shall bring in a new order in the world of Rhydin having. It shall be ruled by the High Council and maintained by the loyal members of the clan. Now the time has come for his legacy to be written in the books of time. To forever be told by generation to generation telling the story of the man who brought together the world of Rhydin to form one entire society as one.

Liquid Statistics
Name: Gen Kazama
Alias: Liquidwlf
Age: 19
Birth date: ?/28/??
Location: Rhydin
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 6'2
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