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Sacramento Monarchs Fan Page



2005 SACRAMENTO MONARCHS and Finals MVP Yolanda Griffith!!

More photos from the parade in downtown Sacramento to celebrate the Monarchs Victory. Photos compliments of and Copyright the Bezazian family, 2005.

Yo, Ticha and Kara wave to the fans!

Nicole Powell Celebrates with the crowd! Now revel in these pages of Monarchs history

Now revel in these pages of Monarchs history!

The 2003 Monarchs Team

Rookie Chantelle Anderson celebrates securing our Playoff Spot by Riding the Mechanical Bull at the Sacramento State Fair the following night in 2003! Ruthie also tried her hand at the mechanical bull that night, but my mechanical digital camera didn't fare as well as she did!

In 2002 our otherwise “Championship Caliber” Team was plagued by injuries which left us without our top 3 starters for most of the season, but once Yo and Ticha returned we won 11 of our last 14 games. The team was able to relax, goof around and answer questions at the season ticket holder event at the end of the 2002 season

Are you ready for Monarchs Season?

Check out Ruthie on the cover of Women's Basketball Magazine!

WE WERE THE ONLY TEAM TO BEAT THE SPARKS ON THEIR HOME COURT in 2001, IN THE ALL-IMPORTANT WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS! We also beat them in the 2004 semi-final playoffs, but lost to a new and much improved Seattle Storm team. It does appear we are getting closer to the Championship!

Yo and Coach Maura at the season end rally given by the City of Sacramento

Here are Ticha, Ruthie and Yo at the season opening rally at Arco on May 31st,2001.

!"Muscle" shots of our three All-Star Starters!

And in their "fashion wear"!

Yo and Ruthie brought home the GOLD during the 2000 Olympics, pictured here before they were joined by fellow Monarch and Olympian Kara Wolters.

Hot-handed three-point shooter, Edna Campbell, formerly of the Monarchs, contiunes to lead the WNBA in the fight against breast cancer.

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